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Like anyone in the TEA Party was going to vote Obama? No, take it from me TEA Party folks were not "sitting this one out", they were not voting third party (serious ones at least) and they most certainly were not voting Obama. Now with Ryan they may be more compelled to donate their money but their vote was Romney. If not they were idiots with no real concern over the country save for their own warped feelings, you know like Democrats only the Republican version.
He can't run on his own record and his core voting bloc was in pre-K during the Clinton years so they won't know any better. He's got nothing to lose.
The Texas DPS isn't under Janets thumb, they answer to the state, not the feds.
rae-rae, Why should public sector employment go up when private sector employment is down? It is after all the private sector that supports the public sector, not the other way around. You seem to know a lot about sucking toilets, figures as much.
McCain brought Palin on board because, in large part, he needed a gimmick there was no way he was going to pull that election off without one. She boosted his standings almost from the start but the Progressive smear campaign against her helped stem the swell. Romney picks a female runnning mate, no matter how qualified she is that will be perceived as following McCain and the woman will be cast as "Palin II".
Then your so called "Republican strategists" aren't very smart. What Romney oversaw as governor was a state not national undertaking. This is what you seem to not understand, the founders made a distinction between the states powers (large) and federal powers (small). Progressives are continually blurring that line, I wouldn't have thought you wanted inclusion in their ranks.
Those boats are being operated by the Texas DPS, not by your worthless carpet-bagging yankee DHS. You and Mattie boy can sleep under the covers with the lights on if it makes you feel better, here in Texas we take a different approach.
I found the part interesting where she admits that unemployment under this administration is well above 8% and showed where income under the dreaded Bussshhhhh administration was on average 40% higher. Guess she ain't voting for Obama either.
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C.W.2 Wrote: Jun 28, 2012 9:39 PM
Mr. Obama and the democrats hate the poor. The health care bill makes it law that people must now purchase insurance, doesn't matter if they can afford it or not the law will force them to buy it. Feed the children? Hardly, first the feds will make you give money to their corporate lackies in the insurance industry. Democrats were bought by special interest money to force poor people to starve or face federal charges. Pelosi said the poor were freeloaders, the Dems hate poor people. Love the votes, but detest the people themselves and bleed them to help their friends in the insurance corporations get richer.
Old habits are hard to break.
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