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Woodward-Sperling Flap May Turn Tide

C. R.4 Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 11:39 AM
He is noted narcissist and a narcissist sees no one but himself as intelligent and king or, in tis case, dictator and when I speak you must jump and do what I tell you. Look what he told the Supreme Court it must do! He is insane literally and figuratively and must be removed from OUR White House NOW! He needs to be in prison and under treatment and shipped back to wherever. Biden is an idiot, but he can be quickly replaced and we can start overturning the insane regulations, executive orders, and laws made by a very mentally sick person who was helped not once but twice to our highest office by those who an to take over America. Obama is beginning to crack. He is not intelligent and, remember, his brain is fried from booze and drugs!
There is a rule in Politics 2013 that's evident in the flap about a White House aide's maybe threatening or not threatening Washington Post veteran reporter Bob Woodward. The rule: The more superficial the brouhaha the bigger its impact.

What public figures say is more important than what they do, because cable TV and political blogs can cover a mud fight more cheaply and more easily than they can a real story.

Quick synopsis: Woodward has reported doggedly on the White House's role in putting "sequester" cuts -- $85 billion this year -- in the 2011 Budget Control Act. Last week, as Woodward...

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