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Hollywood's Hysterical "Cancer Screening" Lie for Obama

C. R.4 Wrote: Oct 17, 2012 10:29 AM
Few brains, and no a lot of beauty either. No one has ever said Hollywoodites are able to think or reason and we see that constantly in the news! If their "women parts" are so important, then they should get the facts straight, but it appears they are being paid to do the ad for liberals and by liberals. So, if they can't think, they just join the lines of other brain dead or brain empty Obama voters and good luck to them if he wins. Stupid is as stupid does. ALWAYS do your homework first before spouting or advertising. We know Obama continues to spout and supports lies by ads. Why do some presidents think Hollywood is important for our country, I don't know. Just look at the majority of useless and unintelligent films too.
The Hollywood Women for Obama Club wants you to vote with your "lady parts." I want the women of America to vote with their lady smarts. The latest ad from a trio of Tinsel Town actresses spreads one of the stupidest lies about Mitt Romney this election cycle. Fantasyland needs a fact check.

According to starlets Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington, the GOP presidential ticket wants to "end" funding for "cancer screenings." If you and your reproductive organs don't vote for Obama, the doe-eyed celebrities ominously imply, people will DIE, DIE, DIE!

This scare-mongering falsehood has been repeated endlessly by Planned...