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Exactly or we could say premeditated!
When liberals/Demos can't do or say anything of substance, they resort to childish name-calling and actions. How did anyone ever vote for these published communists is beyond me. I am an Independent but vote Repub for sanity and a future for America! Now we need to get rid of Boehner and McConnell who are non-negotiators but butt kissers of O!
If he is ready to die, then just it! and leave us to get on renewing OUR America without your lying, cheating, and preaching illegalities, war, and killings. You are the dust under my feet. You should go to jail for inciting protests and anarchy!
Allegedly? Get real, it is right there before your very eyes and then he assaults the owner or employee on the way out with his ill-gotten goods. English is a good and clear language, so use it. He robbed, assaulted, insulted, attacked and finally got his ticket to ride to wherever!
They are to interpret present law, not rewrite it nor make it. Time to cleanse the SC after the end of January 2015!
Exactly! The Constitution really is clear language. What we have today are those who think they know more and better than our forefathers, whom I have found were profoundly intelligent, hardworking, thinking, reasoning men and some with great wives to help them. What we have today is more demagoguery! The states need to wake up and realize we are a union by agreement and divorce is a possibility! Only 3 things allotted to A LIMITED GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATION and they are !) share a common currency, 2) feds to have a military to defend the country, and 3) the feds to encourage trade with other countries. We have got to get back to basics and SOON! as the current occupiers of Congress and SC and Executive branch seem to think they know best for America. WRONG! I had a father and do not need another poking into my life, business, bedroom, light bulbs, toilets, refrigerators, etc. and especially butt out of sending money to teacher unions! Eliminate all duplicate or inactive fed departments, lay off hundred of thousands of supposed public employees, live within our taxes and no borrowing, get rid of the Federal Reserve which is a private company and not a federal department, change tax laws to flat tax, no outside moneys to candidates running for any kind of office from top down, remove all perks and pork, defund and block amnesty (illegally, Obama, to push illegal EOs), defund Obamacare, and other ridiculous "studies" costing us taxpayers more graft and cheating and stealing (i.e., VA but not the only one doing this), etc., etc. Back to the Constitution, oust the empty suit as an illegal (no documentation to date), remove his czars and administrators in all departments, remove the frumps "assistants" which I understand come close to 30. Why does she need anyone is beyond me. She ain't a princess by any stretch of the imagination. Stop any and all vacations of the empty suit, frump and children and make them pay from their millions. Trips only that are verified necessary and in the country's interest. That's it. I am sure many of you can add to this list and I hope you will and we must be stalwart, strong and push the garbage out of OUR WH and country. Oh, and we do not want race baiters any more, so remove Sharpton, Jackson, Wright, the empty suit and spouse.
Let them vote for him, but the rest of intelligent us will not! No fight, for amnesty, and probably would keep Obamacare. What is there then to like? Nothing!
Only among RINOS and moderates whose future in Congress is very tenuous. I would in no way vote for Romney and everyone I know would never do so either. We have way too many good candidates now from which to choose. Patriotic men and women who stand by their words and fight. Romney didn't fight and lost!
Exactly my sentiments! Defund amnesty, a short 3 month CR, and repeal Obamacare NOW. Then after January kick this insane empty suit out of OUR White House. He is demented, obviously ill, and an illegal (why else push for amnesty now?), cannot prove citizenship, education, etc., a traitor in sending OUR money to support his Brotherhood, and so much more. Out, Out is the only way to move forward by ousting O, frump, and his administration.
The fool is trying to make himself look good to the Grubers! He was part of the action and should pay for it by resigning or, if allowed, recalled NOW! The Demos are running scared and now trying to phony up! If he believes what he says, then work with Repubs to repeal it NOW! and defund amnesty that the majority of Americans do not want. Maybe then we would have a smidge of faith in his statements. Maybe!
Me too. I never had the call, but I love going to convents for meditation and mental and physical relaxation because my spirituality needs an uptick every once in a while in order to put up with the world today. I was first educated in public schools but then my parents (we were poor) scraped up $1 a month to send me to Catholic grade school where I earned a scholarship to a Catholic high school and another later for a Catholic college. It was great. I not only got a great education but a closer connection to God and life, learned to mediate and contemplate, read great books both religious and my favorites of mystery and adventure, and above all that prayer is necessary to keep connected to God and others. In some ways I envy those who are called to be a nun or priest for the quietness yet vigor of their lives.
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