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Totally agree! Apparently the citizens there prefer one cult to another cult so why fight, just run and hide while our cradle of Western civilization is further destroyed.
Exactly with no skin in the game it is easy for liberals and braindead to think sending our military there is a good idea. How many allies has Obama garnered - 4 to date because no one trusts him or anything he says. We do not have to be there at all but defend our own borders and citizens and expel all who have invaded our country over the North and South borders. Far cheaper to send them back than spend our hard earned money on them, and allow them to spread deadly diseases which we are already seeing take place. I suggest sending the two Obama girls to one of those schools and see what happens. Hmmm.
No way. Do not allow military to go there and be slaughtered to further diminish our military to protect us! Use simple but effective and super fast means to eliminate the vermin such as mustard gas (very effective in First World War), or napalm (very effective in Vietnam), and why not nukes. Collateral damage? Of course, we are at war and they didn't worry about our collateral damage in NY, DC, or Boston or with the beheadings on OUR soil. Get rid of the vermin (Obama's Brotherhood under many names) once and for all. We had the Crusades, Spain has Ferdinand and Isabella, and now we have really effective and fast acting ways to end the terrorists! We must win by any means and these are the best means. Little accomplished with over 300 flights/bombings directed by Obama where to go. Skip the empty suit and let's get this done!
Heard that line before but they stay here where they can live in luxury and get richer on our backs! I surely wish they would leave, but I know they won't.
Can't be worse and maybe if even a little better, that is better than zero, nada, zip, nil with the Demos and Obama thinking they can dictate who and what we are.
Guess she missed her botox treatment because she sure is showing her age and dementia in this photo! She needs to go, but here in CA we Independents and Repubs stand small chance with the likes of her, Waters, Feinstein and Boxer, and then moonbeam at the state level.
Interesting enough after reading up on the 3 types of ebola, they are confounded now why and how the current version is spreading so quickly. Conclusion: in the air and thus by just breathing it in. Bringing them here is unwarranted and I agree with Dr. Carson that they should be treated offshore. This is a much more serious version of this dastardly cruel disease. However, liberals can't stand being "helpful" even when it kills and no one has a real handle on how to handle it!
Gee, they are very seldom in town and get darn little done when they are. Seems to me his constituents need to remove his sorry behind from making himself richer and more useless. We need real representation, not the phonies we see today.
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Hamas' Propaganda Victory

C. R.4 Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 4:41 PM
Israel must survive if America is to survive. Hamas and islamists just kill, rape, lie, etc. and since our current administration has ties to them and sends them OUR money, then of course MSM will back Hamas. Stupid is as stupid does. Where is the House in permitting this muslim/communist to send OUR money to our enemies?
Amazing! From Obama down through fed departments the heads do not know nor have a clue about what is happening while they are in charge. Can you imagine a company saying this? No way, Jose. They are liars, cheats and obfuscating to save Obama and their own butts. Be glad to hear Snowden's upcoming revelations! No data is ever lost so they either know this or they are really are dumber than dirt and should never be around a computer or server!
So move the family to France, Obama. Hope you will enjoy your possible illegal millions taken away because that is what socialism does. Pleases move there today and we will even help you pack, but nothing that belongs to our White House (remember, the Clintons did this)!
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