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I thought exactly the same thing. Let her live under nazism, but we will not. Fire the female, and the whole administration, which is slowly but surely filling up with Brotherhood members.
They live and breathe to lie and know nothing which means no sensible employer would hire them, so why did we? and allow them to procreate with other dumber than dirts? They have no stats on who is really enrolled and paid up? Golly, what kind of system do they have that can't give them the basics. Ah, yes, that super expensive computer program that has never worked and will never work as improperly moduled, especially if no feedback. Stating in paper today that the affordable and very inexpensive Blue Shield/Anthem program is the most popular. Gee, this insurance company has never, ever been inexpensive and even less so under Obamacare and covers less, and then there is that dratted co-pay which can be up to $6K, which we all carry around as loose change. Right? NOT! Repeal is the only thing that needs to be done. Obama has broken the ACA law many times now with reset and delays, so there is, in effect, no law. Easier to pay the penalty then submit private information that is being hacked as I write, and paying a lot for a very little. No single payer plan either through any government agency. We are a Republic and I don't want socialism nor communism owning me lock, stock and barrel which is the ultimate aim of Obama's puppeteers.
Yep, a scant 3% of perverts and everyone has to stop and give them all the courtesies and none to us! They have chosen a lifestyle and so have I, so no discrimination called for except by uber liberal professors about whom I hold grave doubt they are truly teachers and informed, but do know how to brainwash.
Living not far from and never having liked Stanford, this uber liberal university (like Berkeley) would never permit Constitutional rights to anyone not under their umbrella. May I also add having worked for attorneys for over 50 years, that the worst and dumbest attorneys were from Stanford and Harvard! They live in a different world and wish to make our rational world just as weird if we let them. Send your children to universities with values: Howard, HIllsdale and a few others. Cheaper, are patriotic, ethical, moral, etc. Why waste any child's future and your money on these or any university in New York!
Well, gee, those electric cars need coal for the energy. Figure this out: spend a fortune on an electric car, need for chargers, low mileage return, and then no coal means no go. Yep, we sure have smart people in the Executive Branch. NOT!
From day one wind power has cost a fortune to install and maintain along with praying for wind. Result: no wind, no movement, and in the end only maybe 46% electricity. What a boondoggle and they are butt ugly no matter where they are placed,usually on hills which mean we have to look at them and how they have ruined good land and views for little to nothing ROI, just like the prez.
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Norquist Picks 2016 Republican Candidates

C. R.4 Wrote: Mar 13, 2014 4:44 PM
I am with you. No Christie, No Jindal (not a natural born but a great guy for another higher position), No Jeb Bush. Christie and Bush as those old time conservatives we don't want. Perry is an option however, along with Rand and Cruz. We need more Tea Party candidates to get both houses and America back in order to repeal Obamacare and a multitude of questionable EOs from the current dictator in office. We need 2 term limits and limits as well for the Supreme Court, since the current one seems to have been co-opted by the dictator.
If you don't them by now, then better you not vote at all because we have enough clueless voters already.
Will we win this year? With McConnell, Graham, McCain, Boehner and others pushing their agenda against ours, who knows. Are we willing to support a weak candidate as was done in Florida in order to boot out the Democrat. Well, it is a case of a lesser evil and if that is what I have to do, then I will do it. However, let these weak Repubs and those supported by the non-real conservatives know up front that if they don't support us and our agenda, they will be out before they door slams shut on them. It is our duty and privilege to voted but also our duty to vet and push candidates that will follow their oath to us and our country.
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War on Women

C. R.4 Wrote: Mar 12, 2014 5:11 PM
Again, logic is not the liberal's nor the Demos' strong suit. Name calling is. Steinem shows lack of common sense as well as a decent education - which is very difficult to get in America with Common Core and liberal teachers and school officials. We need to fire them all and then I will go back to teaching real teaching and real subjects.
And even knowing his is really a WHITE MAN did not enter their minds because the kool-aid was way too strong for reasoning. I can't get over how many blacks think he is black when the facts have been out there for years: white 50+%, Arab (and this is the coloration of his complexion and not typical black) 46+% and black blood just a miserly 6+%. Now Dr. Ben Carson or Allen West are truly black, intelligent, Republicans (who freed the blacks while the Demos fought to keep them on the plantation and still do), and are worthy men and hope to see them rise more and more in our legislatures both state and federal.
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