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Look what the unions tried to do to Boeing in South Carolina. If Boeing had not prevailed,thousands of jobs would have been lost. The two biggest wing nuts on this issue are Ed Schultz and Chris",KKK", Matthews. Matthews used to be okay on his ideas about four or five years ago. Now ,if you criticize Obama,you are a racist! He has become the biggest race baiter and racist in the media. The guy is a disgrace to the American voters! I was in a union for a long time and I know of what I speak! I loved when Newt schooled Matth not ews on his show. Matthews can't take anyone who is smarted than him and he is not even in the same league as Newt on intelligence!
Chris Matthews is human excrement! Nothing more,nothing less. He has gone from a fairly respected commentator,five years ago ,to a screaming village idiot. He is the most despised human being in the media. Combine him with Rev. Al, Ed Schultz,you have a group that is totally in the pocket of Obama. If Obama is re-elected,our children have no future! None,zip,nada! These creeps want the demise of this country,just like Obama! Again, they are nothing more than human waste and whoever listens to their collectivism talk ,doesn't understand how dangerous these jerks are today!
Wasserman Schultz is most vile human being in politics today! She barely,and I mean barely, beats out Pelosi and Reid! She is nothing more than human waste and lies everytime she opens her mouth. Congrats to the Jewish group that cancelled her talk. I am all for free speech,but this woman lies and lies and then lies some more! She is a disgusting ,vile person and shouldn't be allowed to lie like she does 24-7 and still be in her position.
Like Toure,most libs are racists and race baiters. If he was a conservative,he would be out in a New York second at MSLSD. Obama and his minnions can't talk about the economy! They have to distract and deflect. These people in the media,like Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz are the nothing more than human waste. They are the slime of the earth! Why anyone would listen to their half truths and lies is beyond me. If Obama is re-elected,our childen have NO future! None,nada,zip! Very sad!
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GM to Go Bankrupt Again?

C.61 Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 10:00 AM
If we had let Gm go bankrupt,things for the worker would probably be much better today. The taxpayer would be of the hook the 26 billion that is owed,but also GM would have restructured quickly,without the heavy chain of union costs. Another gov't bailout going down the toilet. Obama has to be replaced,or our children have no future! None!
Why has Obama paid millions to protect his records from college? The press should be on this like crazy! Oh,I forgot,the media loves him and won't do anything to find out a thing about his past. This is a national scandal!
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Barack Obama -- A Transparent Fraud

C.61 Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 11:58 AM
I haven't slept well at night ,thinking about what will happen to this country if Obama is re-elected. If most Americans would know about his past and things he has done,they would be mortified! It is criminal that the media has protected this clown. If he is ere-elected,this country will cease to exist as a beacon of freedom. The correct term to describe Obama is a fascist! He doesn't even know what the word transperancy means. He lies,cheats,covers-up everything he does ,everyday! If you want a future to our country,vote out this guy or you will regret it for the rest of your life. This guy is a TOTAL failure and doesn't have a clue about anything! An empty suit would be three levels up for this guy!
Paul Ryan is brilliant! Medicare and Socill Security have to be fixed. Right now my kids will not see it in their future. That is a no brainer! Compared to that mental midget Biden, it isn't even a contest. On Joe's best days,he knows his name. He and Pelosi just finished a movie" Dumb and Dumber,part two" The garbage that Obama and Biden put out on a daily basis,is beyond belief. They have no plan for the future except tax and spend more. Both are very scary dudes and have to be voted out in Nov. If not,bye,bye America,as we understand it today! Remember to vote,as it is the American way! Don't be a democrat and vote,but vote often.
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Our Dishonorable President

C.61 Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 1:05 PM
Obama and his cronies are the most vile people in this country today. EVERYTHING they say is either a half truth,lie or fabrication. It is very scary if Obama is re-elected. He has NO program to get us out of this mess. With five million more in debt under Obama,he wants more spending and higher taxes. Obama is the most dangerous politician this country has ever seen! If he is re-elected,our children have NO future! None,zip,nada! We would see,in the next four years, the end of America as a country,as we understand it today! Very sad! I have learned not to believe a word they say. Calling Romney a killer of women crossed the line,but so has most of his statements.
These are very scary times! What the dems. did in the Soptic story was outright lie and then when they got caught red handed,lied again and again. Their lies are just accepted and then another one comes along and then we have to deal with that one. This goes on day after day. The major networks aren't even reporting this outrageous report! I really feel we are living under a Stalinist regime ,where no one on the left even understands what truth is today! Think about it! We have a press that will protect Stalin,I mean Obama,and the truth be damned! The next approx. 90 days are the most important days in American history. If this clown Obama is re-elected,we lose this country and everything it stands for in our history! Scary!
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'Mad Dog' Harry Reid

C.61 Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 11:13 AM
Hatty Reid is nothing more than human waste. Look who the dems. have out there! Nancy,"brain surgeon," Pelosi. Then they have Joe,"rocket scientist", Biden. Biden and Pelosi just finished a movie"Dumb and Dumber,part two". It's incredible the dems. have these three morons as their spokepersons! Obama has to be voted out in Nov.,or our children have no future! NONE!
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