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Chris Matthews is the lowest form of vermin in the media today. Obama could do anything he wants outside the law and Matthews would say what a pure and wonderful person Obama is today! There is nothing in the human chain lower than Chris Matthews. A disgrace to the human race!
Harris-Perry's comments on our children belong to the government shows where MSLSD is today! She is a total waste and anyone thinking of sending their child to Tulane had better re-evaluate that thought. Any college that allows communist scum like her to teach should be totally ashamed of themselves! Tulane used to be a good school . Too bad it has gone down the toilet. There is a strong undercurrent to march against Tulane for allowing trash like Harris-Perry to teach there! Wake-up Tulane! I'm starting to hear from people all over the country on this matter!
Maher is just another brain dead,sub-human, liberal democrat! He will never change. He will always be the most disgusting scumbag in the entertainment industry! Actually,scumbag would be three levels up for this guy! Never trust a far left troll like this guy! He is a race-baiter and hatemonger. Nothing more,nothing less!
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The Media's Republican Latinophobia

C.61 Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 12:20 PM
Chris Matthews used to be a credible media reporter! He has gone off the deep end and hasn't said a rational sentence in years. He has deep mental problems that have gone beyond any clear thought. He is a race- baiter,hatemonger and hates anyone ,even a little right of center. Why ANYONE would listen to one word from this crazy person is beyond me. He actually should be committed! MSNBC should be ashamed to put such a racist on the air. Shame on MSNBC also!
I've watched Don lemon and the guy is a total moron! He is just another brain dead liberal! He could care less that gun violence is down. He has one agenda and that is to disarm the American public! This is why CNN ratings are so low! Studies show CNN is just as liberal as MSNBC. Since MSNBC is full of lunitics,this doesn't help CNN. The only place an America can find out what is really happening is to watch FOX. ABC,NBC,and CBS left the real world a long time ago!
Next to ChrisMatthews,Piers Morgan is the most obnoxious person on TV. Piers is a clown,but Matthews is a hatemonger and the biggest race baiter on TV today.Ed Schultz isn't far behind Matthews. Schultz is more of a huge union thug,who tries to intimidate anyone who doesn't go along with his socialist ideas!The American public is finally waking up on these far left misfits! I don't know if it is too late ,
O'Brian is just another brain dead liberal. She has no good knowledge of anything. She is another result of our broken education system. All she has heard is liberal answers to problems,all her life. She is going through life without a real clue. There are way too many in the media out there like this empty vessel.Then you have the media's top hatemonger and race baiter,Chris"KKK" Matthews. The guy wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face. He is a disgrace to all media people in this once great nation. Hate just foams from his mouth,24-7! He has become a total joke!
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David Gregory's Slobbering Obama Interview

C.61 Wrote: Jan 01, 2013 12:22 PM
David Gregory is another brain dead liberal. We are losing this once great country,right before our eyes! Wake-up America! Chris,"KKK", Matthews says if you criticize Obama,you are a racist! "KKK"Matthews is the biggest hatemonger and race baiter in the media today! He spews nothing but hate and hasn't had an original idea in years! He is actually lower than scum!
Rightygoader, Get off that pipe you are smoking. I think successful Repub Governors had alot to do with Obama getting the vote. Our main problem with the empty suit,Obama, is that the Fed. is printing money like crazy. China has just about stopped loaning us money. Obama is clueless,always has been,always will be! We go off the fiscal cliff in two or three years,unless someone can stop this total clown. He is a total clown on his best day!
I knew Move-On .org was slime,but this add is a new low! This group is what Obama stands for. These poor people don't have a clue about the death panels for the elderly in Obamacare. Fifteen ,unelected ,non-medical delegates,who decide if you live or die! It's unfortunate these people ,in their golden years,are going out on the biggest lie in American history. Obama could care less about the elderly! The only person cares about is Obama! he has no interest in the middle class either. Just a voting block. If Obama is re-elected,our children have no future! None,zip,nada,zero!
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