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What Has Obama Learned?

Bytheocean Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 4:54 PM
He wants to come across as a Prom King. Actually he is a sociopathic border collie herding the American sheeple towards the cliff. Go to David Horowtiz's website Freedom Center. I clicked on the left side where it says "Infiltrated" and gave a contribution of twenty five dollars for a pamphlet (One can get a download or hard copy.) What I received is Barack Obama's Rules for Revolution The Alinksy Model by David Horowtiz. It gives an excellent description of Obama. Horowitz is a reformed Leftist. He knew all the tricks as a Leftist and then a friend of his was murdered and there was a cover-up and he realized that the Left was not idealistic, that it was a moral vacuum all about obtaining power (my words). Then he joined the right.
H. Terry Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 8:41 PM
David Horowitz is also one of the smartest, most dedicated "Paul Revere's" in the U.S., warning us about the Muslim Brotherhood enemies inside the Obama
Administration. Hillary Clinton's chief deputy Huma Abedin is one plus her Saudi family members working to advance their Muslim cause in the U.S. Wake up America! Nov. 6th is 39 days off - Do your duty, and like Clint said - "you got to let him go"!
Terry Buchanan
The Oval Office isn't the place to learn on the job. That was the line from both Hillary Clinton and John McCain in 2008. In fairness, that's always the argument the more experienced candidate uses against the less experienced candidate (just ask Mitt Romney).

But Barack Obama seemed a special case, easily among the least experienced major-party nominees in U.S. history. A Pew poll in August 2008 found that the biggest concern voters had with Obama fell under the category of "personal abilities and experience." In a "change" year, Americans swallowed those concerns and voted for the change candidate.