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The Drought, and GMO Crops

Bytheocean Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 4:14 AM
On a radio show tonight it said that the BT in the BT corn is an insecticide placed in the corn. It is a toxin. It survives digestion. It is alive. After eating BT unlabeled corn on the cob, it takes up residence in one's gut, one's colon. It procreates there.One's body becomes a little toxin producing factory. They don't know the effect on u, good bacteria in your gut.The same thing happens to bees and what happens to them when they get it inside their gut., Since Monsanto attempted to control testing & discouraged independent scientific testing, they were very surprised when a university in Quebec did testing and found it alive and well in the body, having survived digestion. Things survive stuff, like Toxoplasmosis, like Mad Cow Disease.

As anyone knows, we have had very little rain this year. At the end of this week, the market will get the official USDA estimates of what the corn crop looks like. Private estimates will be available during the week.

Right now, the numbers I am hearing are around 122 bushels per acre. That’s woefully short.

A thought occurred to me though. Some seed companies ($MON) have been working on Genetically Modified seed, or GMO seed. Seed companies have genetically modified seed to grow differently, ripen at different times, and have pesticide and bug resistance. They also...