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Mr. Obama, We are Ashamed of You

Bytheocean Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 4:36 AM
You shouldn't misstate history..Yes the Native Americans got handed a bad card but a great deal of the deaths were caused by germs when 2 peoples who had been separate for 1000's of years met and each did not have immunity to the diseases of the other. Europeans got syphilis from the Native Americans and brought it back to Europe. This writer states that the Native Americans lacked biodiversity, were inbred,. similar to how the Irish potato lacking biodiversity was wiped out by one blight and thereby the Irish died of starvation. The writer states that the same diseases wiped out millions of Europeans too.
oldnjal Wrote: Apr 27, 2012 12:06 AM
All this is past, and Irish and English blend with little problem.
But race baters, similar to Sharpton, had kept the fire smoldering between the Northern and Catholic Irish for generations.
And this between people who only differed in Religion.
Divide and conquer, was the ploy the English played in making Scots settle in Northern Ireland. Keep them fighting and divided. A ploy not lost upon our community organizer and his ilk. We are not looking at our neighbors as fellow Americans, by and large, and he has made the divisions greater.
AZYaateeh Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 8:05 PM
You're wrong. Look up "soup-taker", an Irish slur for Protestants: they're the people who became Protestant in order to get soup rations during the famine.

The Potato famine was deliberately exacerbated, until it killed 1 million people; until the Nazis came along, the English had the worst human rights record in the Western world. In one year in Ireland, 1798, they killed twice as many people as the French Revolution's Terror, and 10,000 more than the Spanish Inquisition...which took 500 years to do it. The English were also the first Western country to systematically use terror-rape.

"American exceptionalism" may be defined as "the only good thing the Saxon dog ever did".
AZYaateeh Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 8:05 PM
It wasn't through raping, and he didn't become their father. They have his *ancestry*, traceable dozens of generations later...because he had 400 wives. It wasn't rape. He would've had to rape 800 million people to father 16 million children, and there weren't that many people *on Earth* at the time.
Bytheocean Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 2:03 PM
The other lesson from the Irish potato is to encourage biodiversity in the food supply. Here Pres Obama fails as well. He is supporting GMO's with the idea that people can trademark life. Therefore companies are trying to destroy bio-diversity in the name of their profits and Pres Obama does everything he can to help because his biggest contributors hold huge shares of stock in those companies. Under the guise of saving the world from famine, they are creating the structure for food shortage, including monopolization, killing bees, butterflies, our pollinators. I say let's treat them with the same callousness that they have treated farmers whom they displace.

Pres Obama believes in hurting our allies, another stupid idea.
Bytheocean Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 1:48 PM
The Left has the credo that one cannot defend one's borders, and that only "white" countries are illegitimate, is all made up to delegitimize the USA Canada Britain and Israel. The reason Genghis Khan turned to Europe was because the Chinese had built the wall, a border. Ghenghis Khan through raping became father to 16 million Europeans where he occupied the territory. Ghenghis Khan introduced the act of germ warfare. the Left teaches racism.They have a proctologist's view of hist'y.
Anyone who hates the British or Anglo Saxon should be sentenced to live without their inventions and contributions: the English language, justice, concepts of human rights, toilet, bathroom tissue, hot water, refrigeration, engine, printing press, phone etc
Bytheocean Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 1:23 PM
I have not heard that before. The British didn't hurt didn't help the Irish once the famine began.Once the starvation of millions starts taking place it is very difficult for another nation to save the people.
If one does not have an agenda of teaching hatred of Anglo Saxons, or of whites, there are other lessons that one can draw from the story of the Native Americans and of the Irish. The lessons are to be high in the technology of warfare, to be high on self-defense. the philosophy of Pres Obama & the Left is the exact opposite: weaken the military, destroy the USA technological advantage, grovel at every despot's foot that you can find, do nothing in the self-interest of the US, don't make any distinctions between enemies and friends
AZYaateeh Wrote: Apr 26, 2012 10:28 AM
The English deliberately exacerbated the Irish famine, not allowing the people access to food-stores or making access to them contingent on converting to Protestantism. *English* doctors in Ireland would sign the death certificates of people who'd starved "Willful murder by Lord John Russell".

From the time Christianity was introduced to the people living in the region known to historians as Armenia by the apostles Bartholomew and Thaddeus in the 1st century up until 1915, Christian Armenians built and worshipped in churches all throughout present day Turkey.

Armenia was the first Christian nation adopting the religion in 301 AD.  According to church records (which were diligently kept by priests) in 1915 there were, outside of the city of Istanbul in Turkey: 2538 Apostolic Churches, 560 Protestant churches, 451 Armenian Monasteries and 1996 Armenian Schools.

These were beautiful structures that lasted for millennium that...