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It's all about the plumbing.
How many fundraisers has he missed?
He looks like a Muppet caricature of a politician.
In the USA, where our culture is analyzed and adjusted every micro second, we preserve, very carefully, other cultures in their pristine state that are hellish by comparison. Even to the point where we kill their organized entities and many innocent bystanders, as well as offer incentives of cash to cooperate without ever suggesting they change their obviously evil ways. This Watson-Skinner-Pavlov-type of behavior modification, shocks and food pellets, has never worked. I don’t understand why so many among us hate our culture, even though it brought our civilization to undreamed of prosperity and balm in one human lifetime. I would call it a transition of biblical proportions except nothing like going from horse and buggy to landing on the moon in six decades is in the bible. (I wonder sometimes if God gave us this miracle just to see how extremely ungrateful human beings can be.) But we still see changing someone’s mind as a greater sin than changing their existential status from living to dead. We are careful not to bring a playboy magazine and a bottle of scotch along with our war machines in case we might offend those we are there to kill. The best outcome of this approach seems to be the same as trying to make a zoo animal feel at home in a cage by adding a few boulders and a fake stream. All attempts to change a strategic situation should be accompanied with a vigorous push to change the offending culture. We do it to ourselves constantly so it really isn't hypocrisy.
The way they train a PhD Ed seems to make them completely incapable of clear thinking. Read some of the "material" in these courses for a fresh look at the education train wreck. This is source of the trans-climate gender justice studies type curriculum.
At least he didn't give them a nuke. I mean I hope he didn't give them a nuke.
What I've always wondered is how many of those who've paid are going to keep making payments? Maybe half? Especially after they find out what they've bought.
We're not frogs. The water's warm enough, let's jump out now before we boil.
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The Heroism of Wendy Davis

Byron81 Wrote: Jan 22, 2014 7:19 PM
Her story now joins the very, very long list of things that never actually happend. She's reinvented herself from a ungrateful cynical opportunist to really swell candidate.
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Climate Change Scammers' Worst Week Ever

Byron81 Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 11:49 AM
First define "greenhouse effect" and explain how CO2 in the atmosphere acts in such a way that it can be defined as a "greenhouse gas". Your arguments are all too sloppy to nail down.
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