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Rom. 13:12: The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light....Okay, How? Where do we begin? How do we don the armor of truth, justice and common sense (light) by re-electing Tea party conservatives like we have in Georgia’s 9th and 14th districts who vote “yea” against our wishes? I’m having my doubt’s. Where did we go wrong? I thought we got rid of our RiNO Reps. with the defeat of Mr.’s. Gingrey, Kingston and Broun? Only Paul Broun, of all of Georgia’s congressional delegation voted “No” but that was a safe vote because he’s on his way out. How does that explain the “Yea” vote of Tom Graves and Doug Collins? What else can be done to make them understand? Well, we can first start by urging the removal of Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell from their leadership roles, but don’t hold your breath. Like our alleged president, they apparently have no leadership skills. By so doing, hopefully, the weaker personalities of new the Congressional representatives will be less susceptible to leadership pressure to vote for stupid bills demonstrably inimical to the best interests of America’s middle class, and that’s who we have to resurrect. Where is that trillion dollars coming from? The Chinese? How do we spend money we don’t have on illegal people we don’t need, if our congress doesn’t even include Obama’s amnesty plan in discussions for this obscene spending bill? Why would they cheat our newly elected senators and House Representatives, from having their say in how tax payers money is to be spent? Who thinks this stuff up? That Obamacare was a total fraudulent deception foisted upon Americans entirely by the Democrat party is no longer a secret, thank you Jonathan Gruber. It is to be hoped that the new congress, especially our new conservative Senate, will move rapidly to, among other things, collapse and eliminate this job killing, economically harmful program before any more damage can be done to America’s once prosperous middle class. This cannot be accomplished by voting for an Omnibus spending bill that does not even address the Unaffordable, No Care Act, aka: Obamacare.
People do not like to spend their time doing boring things. Listening Hillary is boring, and attendance at her Geortgetown speech is evidence enough. She has not yet committed to run for President. In her heart of hearts she wants that more than anything else in the world but Bill is savvy enough to read and understand the tea leaves. He knows she will not last a campaign when she can't even half fill an autorium. Too, I suspect Obama hates the Clintons as much as they hate him. She shouldn't look for any help from that quarter. He will, I suspect, take her down with his failing "legacy" attempts.
Part 2....Obama came upon America’s stage promising fundamental transformation. It has turned out to be a radical transformation and not a good one for America. The destruction or diminishing of law enforcement, is essential to the success of that radical transformation. Historically, this has been demonstrated time and time again. The president, calling police an “occupying force” or “over militarized”, is further evidence that Obama’s intended radical agenda will be imposed on America, if we do not resist it. A forensic examination of the incidents at Ferguson and NYC reveal some startling misconceptions about police tactics when making those arrests. The evidence exculpating the officers, except for the Grand Jury’s, has been purposefully ignored or discredited by the media but, especially by that jingoistic paragon of black virtue, that champion of the oppressed, the savior of little black children, the first standard of race hustling, the brilliant Rev. Al Sharpton. Gosh, what a guy! Law enforcement, always the target of the counterculture movement, is again in their gunsights and Ferguson was the first opportunity for Obama to pursue that transformation. That explains why both Obama and Eric Holder became personally involved and why they unleashed their yapping puppet, Al Sharpton, to agitate the crowds there, supposedly seek dialog with the police, but actually in an effort to minimize police reaction to further criminal activity. Remember that Obama is running out of time. In these contests between Obama and law enforcement, truth is the first victim, which is why Michael Brown must be shown as an unarmed, innocent black youth just minding his own business. The NYC heart attack death of another black criminal was just icing on the cake for the radical transformation crowd
White Guilt? I Don’t Need No Stinking White Guilt? I am firmly convinced that the social turmoil we are now witnessing over the two recent grand jury decisions, exonerating white police officers enforcing the law from charges of feloniously killing blacks thus exacerbating the black-white divide, is Obama’s next attack on the concept of an American Republic. I also believe the violent reactions to those decisions really marks the beginning of the end of America’s sad experiment in Progressive-Socialism. The crux of this malady is that the self appointed leaders of the black entitlement establishment rely on “white guilt” to make their complaints viable. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson figured that out years ago. So has Eric Holder. Why should I feel guilty about the black condition? I didn’t put them there. My mom’s family were all coal miners. My Dad’s family were Oklahoma farmers. Our family’s history’s did not include slave ownership so why should I be made to feel guilty by some pointy headed Liberals who tell me I should? Well, the truth is, I don’t feel any guilt, never have and never will. That is a canard that must be exposed for what it really is, a failure of the Liberal philosophy of top down government economic control, one that must be discarded by all whites, but especially policemen, white, black or brown. Do I feel afraid when I see a group of black youths loitering at a fast-food store or gas station parking lot? Yep! I won’t go in! My fear is based on experience. I was an police officer in the LA Watts Riots in 1965 and I saw blacks burn down their city. I watched on TV while blacks looted and rampaged through New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. We all watched intently as they tried to burn down Ferguson, Mo. So, do I have a reason to feel guilty? Not on your life! Why should you? But, neither am I unsympathetic. I know enough blacks to realize a broad brush statement against them will not stand the scrutiny of a close examination. Think of Mia Love, Herman Cain, Allen West, et.al. I call myself a Frederick Douglas Republican. I am a convert. I believe it and at every opportunity I spread the word from K. Carl Smith’s organization about conservative politics and how blacks can only benefit if they embrace those ideals as the truths they are. Admittedly, I have introduce more whites to K. Carl Smith’s web site than I have blacks but once they go there, they agree with me.
He was breaking the law. He resisted and short of shooting him, not an option then, he resisted and had to be restrained.
Yes, they shouldn't commit murder, steal, or engage in graft.
It's all about police safety and doing their job enforcing the laws. Go NYPD!
The criminal wouldn't have even been choaked if he had complied with police orders at the initial moment of their confrontation.
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