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It is apparent that the poisionous rot of liberalism is not only firmy housed in the Democrat Party but in many local city, county and state governments as well. As all politics are local, then tea party and conservative GOP organizations in all county's must start and maintain the vetting process to weed out the liberal do-gooders whose policy's of good intentions leave nothing but social destruction in its wake.
Basically, a good article however, this : "House Speaker John Boehner built the largest Republican majority in that body since the days of Harry Truman. Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell thwarted all challenges by conservative militants and then drove the Republicans to a majority in the US Senate", is an error in thinking. John Boehner was already in his seat, probably crying, when the grassroots Tea party GOP'ers, in states throughout America,smashed the Democrat hegemony. Where do we see his hand in the electorial victory? Mitchell just won his state so he's not responsible for what happened nationwide either. Like Harry Reid before him, he is simply the winner by the Senates rules of seniority. Both will soon be replaced because we have already seen them capitulate to the left. They are not conservative leaders.
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Obama Takes Tough Line on Putin

By George2 Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 11:01 PM
Was this article supposed to be some kind of a joke? "Obama takes a tough line on Putin?" The world has seen Obama's cut and nobody, NOBODY, takes him seriously. He's a pathological liar, has no commitment to a strong America, indeed is attempting to turn America into a mish mash of grifters and takers, all feeding off what few taxpayers there are still remaining in this country. Save your jokes for the funny papers.
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Are New Ferguson Riots Inevitable?

By George2 Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 1:03 PM
The job of the police in America, any police, is to provide a level of protection to the community over which they are sworn to serve. The law is the law. Criminal law comes to us after centuries of public use, are well tested and basically fit the needs of a lawful society. The police do not need to ask anyone permission to enforce the law. The police do not need sympathy, they need people to obey the law(s). That shouldn't be too hard in a moral society. We've been doing it for years. The fact that organized criminal gangs want to negotiate with the police in Ferguson, Mo. dictating to them what their response should be, is an intolerable affront to all citizens and should be met with a total smack down. The criminal element have shown their colors. Their intent is clear and they should expect a like response from law enforcement. The police must follow the law regardless of who gets in the way or who gets injured. The media is feeding a lynching response to the criminal elements when the Grand Jury, reviewing claimed criminal charges against that officer, who was clearly defending himself from a tubby criminal, finds a "No Bill" against the officer. Let 'em riot. That's why police have guns. Indeed, the Governor should declare any rioting that follows the officers acquital to be a criminal action to be squashed in its entirity.
I'm shocked, shocked that Chris Christi is somehow thrown out as responsible for the GOP Gubernatorial victories. When Christihad his slobbering hand-holding love fest with the alleged president after "Sandy" folks in my area stuck a fork in him. He's done! I love your survey results as they didn't speak to this past election or try to pick and choose winners for the conservative base. It looked ahead to potential prospective presidential material and foscus on winners. I've been for Scott Walker since the unions tried to destry him a couple years ago. He's a repeat winner!
Liberals are always wrong and as often evil. Consider Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Wickedness personified.
This administration is so totally corrupt, so incapable of even making decisions that the rot has even permeated into the judiciary where activist judges feel free to make the laws on how Americans should behave socially. It has come to a sad state when laws are decided through lobbyists and judicial activism and the will of the people, legally expressed, is ignored. When a party in government changes word definitions and expects people to accept them, then we’re in big trouble. True social conservatives are being portrayed as backwards, bigoted, and near extinction. Immigration becomes amnesty; National security begins and ends with Air Force One. Its failure to see radical Islam for what it really is, failing to close our borders to terrorists, illegal immigrants and disease carriers, further erodes our society. Obama’s abuse of power has revealed to us to a culture of lies that has affected most branches of our government and it is now trickling down into our daily activities. Can we stand any more? Where are our Republican leaders? Apparently they’re no where. We definitely need some new ones. If somehow the democrats are not totally defeated at this election then, to me, that stands as prima facia evidence that the ballot boxes have been stuffed and fraud has determined our future. Thomas Jefferson might have been right after all. He was thinking in twenty year spans of revolution, not two hundred years, but revolution none the less. Remember, freedom is the goal, the constitution is the way. Now, go vote! Take your friends, relatives and neighbors too, if you have to, but go vote. Don’t just sit there, do something!
America is at a crossroads culturally, economically and morally. The very fabric of our country’s long accepted conservative values based upon moral integrity and honest dealings have been rotted from the inside out by creeping Liberalism. The realization of that rot is blowing up in our faces and we stand here bewildered about what to do about it. We’re at a crossroads! We were once a proud free people willing to bear our share of defending the world from crackpots, demigods and despots. We prospered and were a happy, productive people and now, alas, in our instilled guilt for the inability of our black brethren to come along, we have produced our own crackpot who fancies himself a demigod but will end up a despot. These next elections will decide if we, as a nation, are going to continue our march in lockstep to the crackpot’s socialist paradise of political correctness, secularism and stifling liberalism as Obama’s Democrat Party wants us to do. Or, are we going to suddenly realize the eminent peril we face, take stock of what we have already lost and seriously consider just what more we will lose if his party wins. We must assiduously protect our very successful, capitalistic, entrepreneurial system of free enterprise, wealth building, and a republican form of government, the same one for which America has stood as the shining example to the world for over two hundred years. We are at a crossroads! Where are our Republican leaders? Once, people clamored to get here legally to become Americans and to prosper. Now they are invited to come here for the free goodies.The choice of America's future direction will be made in this 2014 election cycle. We must take the high road, not the road less taken. It’s a trap from which we will be unable to ever extricate ourselves, but where are our republican leaders? Liberal governments, even down to small city’s, are now expressing the relief of free action and feel safe enough to show their hatred and intolerance of morality, honesty and free speech by attempting to criminalize or shut up any religious group, business or individual who doesn’t accept their view of their deviant lifestyle. The perverts have invaded our military and our society at all levels, with the democrats blessings, for which we will surly pay a sad price. We are at a crossroads! Where are our Republican leaders?
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A Boat-Rocker For Congress

By George2 Wrote: Oct 09, 2014 9:13 AM
I'm wondering when a sacked General Officer will step forward as a candidate for President! This should be done soon before the GOP selects Jeb Bush as our candidate for us. Our government and our judiciary are filled with unprincipled people, unskilled in matters of reliability, truth or trust. That must change if America is ever going to survive
The American Revolution and the French Revolution occured almost simultaniously but the French revolution turned in on itself and started eating its young. America however, went on to create the nation everybody dreamed of, acepting immigrants from Europe and melding then, within one generation, into Americans. After 200+ years, a staid America, buffeted by competing political philosophies, most inimical to the best interests of what made America great and of what's best for a citizenry, has arrived at the point where a clash must inevitably come if only to sweep away the deritious of already failed social ideas from the storm drains and let free-enterprise and self-determination go to work once again. An alarmed America of producers, entrepenuers and self-starters, faced as it is with a highly developed class of looters, moochers and takers, defend itself and then the coming clash will indeed be bloody. It has to! The moocher class will not freely give up their government supplied perks because that will mean death by starvation. They must turn to the skills they know, armed robbery, looting, riot and anarchy. The rest will not stand for it and so, sadly, we too will begin eating our own. It will happen!
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