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Sex shouldnt have consequences. It should be something to enjoy. When consequences arise, we need to b adult abou how we handle them
I would go along with voluntary sterilization. Voluntary
Good. China's population has to be controlled and even reduced
And yet oddly enough, it is WHITES who are VANISHING and will not be around in another 200 yrs
You just proved you are are bully stalkers by following me to this thread.
And further, saying "Oh you shouldnt have sex then..." Thats RIDICULOUS. Sex is an essential part of everyone's life. It is central to our happiness and fulfillment. I could no more go without sex than I could food, drink or oxygen. Nor could any healthy adult person if they were being honest and not Christian hypocrites
I am pro choice. But I am also pro life. I am against the death penalty and against all I am at least consistent. I also love children. I care for them deeply. I have 2 little nephews, newborn and 3 yrs old. these boys are everything to me and I intend to be there for them their whole lives. Yes we use contraception. But sometimes mistakes happen. Sometimes we are lied to and manipulated by men as well. You have to be more understanding and compassionate towards women faced with the terrible burden of unwanted pregnancy
scrow, Yes, I believe reproductive services for women are a right and should be free and available to all women regardless of income level. Sentencing women to forced motherhood is a far far worse thing than removing some tissue from her body
WHY did you FOLLOW ME to this thread???????? I thought I was very clear I DONT WANNA SEE YOUR SCUMBAG COMMENTS!!!
People who LOVE children, and even have children now and love them dearly and more than life itself....have had times in their past where they had to make that choice not to go forward with a pregnancy. Someone like Sharee Shephard, who had admitted on The View to having "several" abortions, because she was single and alone and unemployed at the she has a son and she loves him dearly. So dont tell me women who are pro choice and not also pro life and pro children.
Gender slavery: when 1 gender (women) are forced to bear children like domesticated farm animals and if they dont are punished with prison or public shame.
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