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You pigs should keep running against abortion. It will cost you EVERY Congress race and EVERY presidential election from here on in. Americans support choice overwhelmingly. Btw, not all of us who support choice hate motherhood. I would love to have children of my own someday. As I near 30 very soon, I hear my own biological clock ticking. Hey who knows? Maybe just like Kim Kardashian I will find my Kanye.....
They rejoice in the deaths of foreign non-white children
There is no "god". Neither are there devils, demons, vampires, werewolves, or dragons. By believing in your god, you are also, on some level, admitting you believe in any fairy tale.
Oh you did NOT just go there
Toure is one of the hottest men on television. Ok, off topic, but I just had to get that out. I'm worried I sound like a groupie, but I'd love to meet him someday. people who enjoy sex are not sinners or tramps or doing something wrong. Marraige is a social construct and once you see that it means nothing. people have the RIGHT to decide whether or not to parent children. Its just that simple.
Oh so consequences for women and men as usual skate away scot free?
Those brutal killers are legal persons, grown human beings
They want work camps or prisons for unwed mothers. Like the Catholic Church terrorist group use to run
Sex shouldnt have consequences. It should be something to enjoy. When consequences arise, we need to b adult abou how we handle them
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