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On Fast & Furious, "Blame Bush" is a Lie

bworei Wrote: Jun 20, 2012 6:26 PM
Hey, Bottisilly - Why is it that Holder himself admitted to Cronyn, "I'm not trying to equate the two" when you have all these "stories" which "show" that they can be equated (and TH is, thus, "lying" to us)? I guess that means Holder is lying, too. (But then again, we knew that already, didn't we? ;-)) Trust me: The AG's office has more info than you can scrape together online from your Mom's basement. If the two programs were as similar as you purport them to be, no way Holder admits that they aren't.

Throughout today's House Oversight Committee hearings on possible contempt charges for Attorney General Eric Holder, Democrat members repeatedly asserted and imtimated that the deadly gun-running program had originated under the previous administration.  Their clear aim was to muddy the waters on who is ultimately culpable for this blood-stained travesty, to suggest that Republicans are engaged in a shameless partisan witch hunt, and to feed the pliant mainstream media a handy alternate narrative as they begin to cover the controversy.  Katie documented why this variant of "Blame Bush!" isn't remotely applicable to Fast & Furious in her book, and...