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Gulp: Do Today's Developments Hint At Obamacare Being Upheld?

bworei Wrote: Jun 25, 2012 11:06 PM
Indy - Try this on for size (A little something Jason knows, but apparently you don't): Obama stated in 2007 that he would pass health care legislation that would reduce costs by up to $2500 per year per family. Yet health care costs are continuing to go up. Which is Jason's point precisely: If Obama had delivered on his promise, that wouldn't be happening! PS: And spare me the "we have to wait for the entire law to go into effect for the premiums to start coming down." There will be even more coverage requirements when it's fully implemented; premiums will not go down. Obama's promise is a pipe dream and THAT'S why people are upset!

I figured I'd expand an update from my previous post into a more developed discussion about the tidal wave of insufferable speculation we are about to endure over the next 70 hours or so.  As I wrote, the hotly-anticipated Obamacare ruling will be handed down on Thursday morning.  Based on the pattern and seniority of the justices who have authored majority opinions so far this term, many long-time Court watchers are nearly certain  that Chief Justice John Roberts will exercise his prerogative to write the healthcare landmark decision.  (Point of clarification: the Chief Justice is automatically considered the "most...

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