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See my post below: IT DOESN'T MATTER who controls Congress if this maverick gets re-elected!
The point you third-party idealists fail to realize (or admit) is that IT DOESN'T MATTER who controls Congress when you have a maverick like Obama in the WH! So what if we re-take the Senate. Obama has ALREADY demonstrated that he will do as he pleases, either via executive order or executive fiat. He just reassured the Russians that that's the case just last week. Don't you get it?
This year, the economy's even worse than when O took office, O is the one who's unpopular, HE's the one running he war, and Romney is far better to look at (so the ladies tell me and, sadly, that still makes a difference). Study after study reports a MAJOR drop in enthusiasm among college students and blacks and NO WAY they turn out as strongly for him as they did in '08. With all that O had going for him in '08, he only garners 52.7% of the popular vote. Taking into account everything I just cited above, Romney is "going to lose anyway"? Wanna reconsider that assumption?
Romney is "going to lose anyway"? Which facts do you have to back that up? Not conjecture about how, because you hate him, he's going to lose, but some solid reasoning, please. The first poll to come out after Santorum dropped out had Romney UP on Obama. His lead will only grow once Newt and RP drop out. HERE are some facts for you: Obama only got 52.7% of the popular vote, despite the fact that he had EVERYTHING going his way in '08: The Dow was in free-fall, Bush was EXTREMELY unpopular, the wars were EXTREMELY unpopular, and here comes this brash, young, good-looking alternative vs McCain.
As for Romney's record of nominating liberal justices, again, answer my questions: Would he nominate Sotomayor or Kagan? Absolutely not, and you know it. Bush, another squishy moderate, gave us Roberts and Alito, and Alito weathered an attempted filibuster just fine. (And Romney will have a strong GOP Senate, too, so you can't compare it to the situation in Massachusetts: Romney will have the Senate as President, but he didn't in Mass. Mass's electorate is liberal, but the country is center-right. In short, it's not a legitimate comparison.) That's the honest truth, and how dare you question my honesty!
First of all, don't put words in my mouth. I'm not trying to "push" Romney. Read my post: I said there's much to dislike about him. NOTHING is worse than 4 more years of Obama, though, and we're left with Romney as our only hope in that regard, until the more-conservative young guns are ready in 4-8 years.
The libertarians WILL shrink the gov't? They WILL NEVER get elected because they WILL NEVER be (and have never been, I might add) more than a fringe party. Your pipe dream of a third party as the answer is a CRACK PIPE one at that! There are much-more conservative, young heavyweights coming up in 4-8 years (e.g. Rubio, Ryan, Rand Paul et al). We have to HOLD ON in the meantime! If you contribute to O's re-election, it will be too late! That is REALITY! Don't you get it?!
TNconservative, that is...
My point exactly. Thank you. And Capt-Call knows it. He/she just can't bear to admit it.
Two words: SUPREME COURT! (Not to mention the myriad other federal justices the POTUS appoints.) I agree there's much to dislike about Romney, but answer me this: Would Romney have chosen Sotomayor and Kagan? Would Obama have chosen Roberts and Alito? I rest my case.
The black church is the key. I won't be listened to as I'm not the right color. My prayer is that more like Ms Parker will join her and they might, just maybe, bend some ears.
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