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Progressive Policies Force Families to Migrate

bwo_rei Wrote: Mar 04, 2013 6:53 PM
While NC did go for Obama (barely - by a mere 14K votes) in '08, let the record state that we kicked his derrière in 2012 by almost 100K. And that was despite even HIGHER turnout for the Community Organizer-in-Chief in NC in '12 than in '08: the only swing state where that happened. And yet we still beat him by almost 100K, due in part to the superior GOP get-out-the-vote effort in NC (we knocked on over 800 doors ourselves). I know, it's just an aside to the focus of the article, but wanted to point that out: That we CAN turn back the leftist trend if we get out the vote.

When a state shifts along party lines it never happens overnight. Only in rare occurrences can a presidential candidate dramatically change voter turnout (e.g. North Carolina, 2008). Yet this narrative has become a popular topic recently as politicians look towards the upcoming elections.

News broke last week that Democrats could stage a potential takeover of two Republican stronghold states, Arizona and Texas, before the 2016 presidential election. Key strategists pointed to an increasingly diverse population and the impending amnesty deal that would allow over 900,000 Hispanics to vote. The staggering numbers aren’t necessarily tied to Democrat votes, as critics quickly...