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After watching the Marxist Democrats ram through Obummercare, using illegal means and payoffs, not one Republican Vote, how can anyone doubt what Obummer and the Democrats are capable of? These Democrats and Obama are very bad news for America. Wake up people, we're running out of time, fast. If we let the Dims import a few more illegals it's Game Over. Never ever vote for a Democrat.
Liberals are so blatantly stupid. These mass killing terrorists are usually suicide killers. How would the libitards stop a psychopath who would put down a school bus driver with a household utensil, or box cutter, and drive a bus load of little kids into a tree, bridge, lake or something else at high speed? This could kill more than were killed in Conn? No answer libitards? Maybe arm the bus driver, maybe secure the schools?
I've seen what Mooshell eats when she's on one of those taxpayer funded multi-million dollar vacations in Spain, or Asia. Remember Obummer the Marxist hypocrite and his steady diet of $100 a pound steak? And when is he going to stop smoking. Obummer and his chubby wife are hardly examples of "clean Living." Never ever vote for a Democrat~~
The only time Newt had any traction was when the "Talk Radio" community decided he was the alternative to Mitt, that was before Rick received the blessing. Neither of these guy's would have done squat against Romney without a lot of Free media from Talk Radio. Romney is the one who overcame tremendous attacks from both the Democrats and the so called Conservative Media. Romney is still standing and I support him for President. Never ever vote for a Democrat!!
By far the biggest factor in the "vast Left-Wing Conspiracy" is the Democrat Parties efforts to change the Demographics of the USA. Along with a lot of help from Republicans like Reagan, Bush, McCain and others there is now enough so called "minority" vote to push the country far to the left. If the country had the Demographics of the 50's there would be no chance the Communists now running the Democrat party and the country would ha a chance of being elected.
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