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NRA Vows to "Stand and Fight"

bwaite Wrote: Jan 16, 2013 2:48 PM
That is just a sad attempt at a people still get drugs even tho they are illegal??? is placing large magazine guns and assault rifles on a band list going to keep school shootings from happening??? people can always just make homemade bombs or whatever,there will always be a threat,,the answer is not to put theses items on a ban list,it is to protect our citizens from these threats..if there were metal detectors and armed guards in our schools I would feel a lot better than just having SHMO-BAMA Place guns on a band list or executive order or whatever dumbness he is trying to enforce..if you cant see that all he wants to do is control you and change our constitution in his favor you are a blind man

The National Rifle Association has launched a "Stand and Fight" campaign against the Obama administration, the media and gun control. The video below speaks for itself.