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New Educators Win Teaching Awards, Then Shown the Door by Their Union

bw00ds Wrote: Jun 11, 2012 1:54 AM
Enthusiastic teachers become older teacher with no enthusiasm because teachers are not paid their worth, only paid according to longevity, which is the brainchild of the union. It appears you would rather have an unenthusiastic veteran teacher keep his/her job, continuing the standard of mediocrity. What profession are you engaged in? Do you believe that workers in your profession should get paid and promoted according to skill, dependability, etc. etc. or merely how long they've been on the job? Just because one is a veteran does not guarantee high standards.
Judith Alfaro, Daniel Cano, Edward Savarese, Chris Reger, Alison Zelton, Brad Keating, and Taylor Pfatenhauer were recently named the New Teachers of the Year by the Clark County School District. The School District , facing a budget shortfall, needs to lay off 1,000 teachers. Thanks to the Clark County Education Association, these seven New Teachers of the Year will be getting pink slips.

Due to a recent arbitration decision , the CCEA will continue its misguided last-in, first-out policy. The school district will only lay off those teachers who have received suspensions or multiple unsatisfactory...