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Why the Amnesty Lobby is Freaking Out

Buzzm1 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 5:38 PM
the Top 0.1% Establishment Legalization Amnesty Pukes http://forumsforjustice.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4038... VOTE OUT the House Republican Legalization Amnesty Pukes http://forumsforjustice.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4064...
Beware the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) President Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex The U.S. spends almost as the rest of the world combined on Defense .. stop the waste fraud and abuse in the Pentagon ... time for an audit Defense Spending (in billions): China 166, Russia 91, UK 61, Japan 59, France 59, Saudi Arabia 57, India 46, Germany 46, Italy 34, Brazil 33, .... Iran 9, Syria
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Holding on to Sequestration’s Gains

Buzzm1 Wrote: Sep 18, 2013 11:55 AM
Defense Spending % of Total Federal Revenues: FY2000 13.9%; FY2013 22.6% CONTINUE SEQUESTRATION ON DEFENSE SPENDING Defense Spending (in billions): U.S. 610, China 166, Russia 91, UK 61, Japan 59, France 59, Saudi Arabia 57, India 46, Germany 46, Italy 34, Brazil 33
stand united against amnesty, protected legal status, or whatever else they choose to call it ... this isn't about political party, this isn't about votes, and above all this isn't about race, nationality, ethnicity, color, or religion ... this is about protecting America, our sovereign nation, against an invasion by 10's of millions of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants who broke our laws when they crossed our border; or overstayed their visas. Then came document fraud, identity theft, and illegal employment. We are a nation of laws; we do not reward those who wantonly break our laws. We want our existing federal laws against illegal immigration enforced ... nothing more, nothing less ... it's as simple as that ... it really is.....
Make sure it never happens. Enforce our existing laws against illegal immigration and force Obama to rescind his Executive Orders protecting parents of illegal immigrants. NO AMNESTY NO CONFERENCE MANDATE, AND ENFORCE E-VERIFY, for all jobs, and any entitlements.
Since the 1986 Reagan Amnesty, 5.5 million anchor babies have been born to illegal immigrants, at a cost of many 100's of billions of dollars to American taxpayers, and that is just for birth, and education. Now, in addition, there is a burgeoning birthright citizenship tourism industry among Chinese in America. 5.5 million anchor baby births at U.S. taxpayer expense 5,500,000 X $25,000 per birth on average = $137,500,000,000 $137.5 Billion Dollars in today's dollars 5.5 million anchor baby K-12 educations at U.S. taxpayer expense 5,500,000 X $120,000 per K-12 education = $660,000,000,000 $660 Billion Dollars in today's dollars It's time to end Birthright Citizenship for illegal immigrants
ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SHOULD NEVER BE REWARDED for flaunting our Rule of Law #NoAmnesty #NoConference #tcot JUST SAY NO
In 1987 there were 3200 Border Patrol agents thought to apprehend, at best, 1 out of every 7, illegal immigrant border-crossers Now, there are over 21,000 Border Patrol agents thought to apprehend 1 out of 3...... VADER radar detected 7,333 border crossers during its Arizona missions. Border Patrol agents reported 410 apprehensions during that time. Since the 1986 Amnesty, over 28,000,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended at our border. (97.84% of the Total FY2012 Apprehensions were at our Southwest border). Then Janet Napolitano has the mendacity to testify, in front of Congress, that, in addition: "of all the illegal immigrants, in our country, 40% are visa overstays." We, the people, are sick and tired of seeing our country, being swarmed and overrun by illegal immigrants.
Healthcare reform (Obamacare) should have first focused on 5 primary cost factors: Fraud, Tort, Billing, Insurance, and Drug Prices Healthcare fraud is said to cost taxpayers 100's of billions of dollars a year. Only politicians would add trillions of dollars to a healthcare system that is leaking money like a sieve, without fixing the leaks first. Tort Insurance is quoted as 2.4% of the overall Healthcare cost, an estimated $55.6 Billion Dollars per year. Seems quite logical, that to reduce costs, generated by mandatory malpractice insurance, competency fair settlement review boards need to be set-up in each state Texas has done this with great success Billing hassle is quoted as 8% of the overall Healthcare cost. With an intelligent database, there would not be this cost. Drug Price Reform Rx drugs $320 billion in 2011. Americans demand the right to obtain our prescription drugs, from the least expensive legitimate pharmaceutical source on the planet.
Illegals? Legalized Illegals? Paying Taxes - No hay diferencia Illegal Immigrant Employment, as it now exists, within our United States OFF-THE-BOOKS, there's a rapidly growing $2+ Trillion Underground Economy in the U.S,, which has doubled in the last four years, heavily populated by illegal immigrants. . S.744 does absolutely nothing to address the Underground Economy. It's highly doubtful that many would opt for citizenship. The illegal immigrants will still be here working off-the-books, and more will come .. More than 12.5%, 1/8th of our economy is OFF-THE-BOOKs, tax-free, under the table. ON-THE-BOOKS, Eight million illegal immigrants are working in, non-agriculture, American jobs, by using false, or stolen SS numbers. Using SS mismatches, DHS knows where these illegal immigrants are working. http://bit.ly/15q9Axg Less than 4% of all the illegal immigrants, in our United States, are working in agriculture. 11.1 million? GMAB On-the-Books, Illegals, or Legalized Illegals, FICA Taxes, and Income Taxes Paid Earnings/yr...FICA/yr....... ... income taxes.. $10,000..........$765.......... $20,000..........$1530......... $30,000..........$2295......... lowest 50% paid $26.644 billion in income taxes *$34,338.......$2627 ................................................... $40,000..........$3060......... $60,000..........$4590......... highest 50% paid $1099.194 billion in income taxes $80,000..........$6120......... $100,000........$7650......... $110,000........$8415......... $113,700........$8698......... FICA = 7.65% Social Security & Medicare Payroll Tax *in tax year 2010, the 50% of all taxpayers earning under $34,338 paid 2.36% of the total income taxes Legalized illegals won't become taxpayers; they will become dependent on U.S. taxpayers competing for social benefits with our existing poor total individual income taxes paid in FY2012 $1.129 trillion total social insurance taxes paid in FY2012 $0.850 relative to Social Security, and Medicare/Medicaid, low-income persons, pay the least amount IN, and draw the highest percentage OUT, relative to the amount paid in poor, and uneducated, legalized illegal immigrants, added to the Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid System, will create an enormous future deficit in these programs … ….. at the expense of Americans ….. an infusion into the Social Security, and Medicare, Trust Funds, NOW, but placing an enormous burden on both systems in the future, and there’s no getting around that.
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