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Any one that defends Obama is either making monies off him or a fool.
lie, lie and more lies, that is all the Dems want to do. He was not asking a question he was making a political statement. What I find so interesting is he was calling the whole thing a witch hunt, while the witness is taking the fifth. Please tell us Mr. Cumming, why is she taking the fifth?
Steinem really has become irrelevant. A report that comes from Fonda, the traitor. Steinem really knows how to pick company
What is the present min. wage for Gov't contracts now. No one is talking about it. I bet it is over $10.10. And I believe all Gov't jobs are also probably union jobs.
And I thought when Pelosi said this it was one of the dumbest things I had ever heard. Obama is really getting desperate to repeat what that idiot said.
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