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Just another lying flake like Fluke
Not surprised, The snake oil salesman Sharpton is a good buddy to another salesman Obama.
Watch out for Eliz. Warren. This women is a lying elitist that thinks she knows far better than you how to spend your money. When at Harvard she made well over $350,000 grand a year and I do not believe she was actually full time. No wonder college is so expensive.
I deal with many international travelers and almost everyone tell me that when talking to people all over the world Obama is considered a complete joke and is the laughing stock of the world..
When is someone with enough authority or power going to say enough is enough and seriously challenge the Obama team in court with the numerous crimes they have committed. These people are either traitors or idiots and I think the first.
Fluke is an idiot. Anyone that follows her is an idiot too. That especially goes for Pelosi. At least there are still a few rational people in CA.
Her district is near us. She has always been a fool, liar & thief along with her daughter who works for her. She is an embarrassment to the country and her race.
Any one that defends Obama is either making monies off him or a fool.
lie, lie and more lies, that is all the Dems want to do. He was not asking a question he was making a political statement. What I find so interesting is he was calling the whole thing a witch hunt, while the witness is taking the fifth. Please tell us Mr. Cumming, why is she taking the fifth?
Steinem really has become irrelevant. A report that comes from Fonda, the traitor. Steinem really knows how to pick company
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