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Museum Visit Reveals a lot of Uncertainties Within Darwinism

BuzWeston Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 2:26 PM
Oops, you made a mistake. I offered a couple of examples for you. But it must be reasserted that you offer no evidence that you would change your mind even if we collectively wrote hundreds of pages of such refutations. You haven't the slightest interest I knowing what's true. You're just making posts in the hope that it can make you feel better about what you already believe. While it might be entertaining for you, it isn't of much value. You still have to come to grips with this question: What if you are wrong? And that means acknowleding that it is a possibility in the first place. I hold out little hope for that.
johninohio Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 3:00 PM
What are the consequences of believing evolutionary theory is correct when it isn't? Please explain.

I went to two New York City churches on the last Sunday morning of May: First a Christian one, then the American Museum of Natural History, a towering steeple within the Church of Darwin.

My first stopping point: The Spitzer Hall of Human Origins on the lower level, a dark and crowded chapel with hairy figures created to show man's purported hominid ancestry over several million years. Some parents were catechizing their young children: "Look, those are our relatives." (As I listened, one unbelieving girl, staring at the private parts of the hirsute mannequins, laughed, "We didn't come from them."...