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Prominent Union Apologist Sniffs Out School Reform ‘Re-segregation’ Motives

buxton Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 7:06 PM
political correctness is part of the nanny state, but no laws can make you like or love someone people are sinners and so they will hate, steal, lie, and murder even though there are laws against all these things if we let people show what they think in the way they live then we will be able to identify them and take action to protect the community from them everyone is a racist and that is why most people leave their inheritance to their children or close relatives slavery still exists, but in the US it is called illegal migrant workers racism and sexism still exist in the minds of many people even liberals
3129 Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 10:21 AM
Sinners (worshipers of the moon goddess) died out soon after Abraham created the one true god in his own image. Viva la revolucion.

Defending the educational status quo has become a lucrative business for Diane Ravitch. For one speech alone, she received an $8,869 honorarium from the Michigan Education Association, according to union financial documents.

String a few of those together each year and she’s well on her way to Randi Weingarten territory among the elite so-called “one percent.”

So as states continue to pass and implement sweeping educational reforms rooted in choice and competition, Ravitch has been traveling around the country defending teachers unions and government schools and collecting her loot.

But it appears she’s becoming a bit unhinged in the...