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Pounding the Table about Abortion

buxton Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 11:53 PM
I think in politics you need to play the game plan that is designed to defeat your opponent without leaving them an opportunity to find any weak points in your attack and defense. The GOP should write it into their policies asap, after the election, that this legal decision should be quashed and re-investigated using check-able facts and not paid actors who spin a story in order to make right wrong and wrong right. The after effects on the mother should also be brought into this argument and the need for good counsel from all parties. The rights of the conceived yet unborn must be given so that murderers can be put to death and this will then stop it very quickly.
In the three days of "speechifying" that constituted the 2012 Republican National Convention, precious little time or rhetoric was devoted to the topic of abortion. While Messrs Romney and Ryan (along with notable speakers including Condoleezza Rice and Marco Rubio) delivered rousing speeches certain to ignite the conservative base, the American people heard little from Republicans about the death toll of the unborn in America – a staggering number which tops 50 million and continues to climb. Instead, the focus of Republicans this election cycle is on jobs, the economy, and the debt/deficit debacle. It is on these...