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Mexico's Cartels and the Economics of Cocaine

buxton Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 5:54 AM
I wondered why "Fast and furious" was such an important policy for politicians based in Chicago to keep covered up before the elections I am now wondering how much the cartels paid into BO's campaign funds to allow him and his friends to publish those lies about MR on TV to try to paint him as the "Bad" guy and gain control of our boarders again Is it possible that this is why BO prosecutes Arizona and Texas for patrolling their borders to make them secure according to both state and federal laws? We all knew his friends were mobsters from Chicago, but we didn't know about his Mexican friends, that also live there, until now

At Stratfor, we follow Mexico's criminal cartels closely. In fact, we are currently finishing our 2013 cartel forecast, which will be released later this month. As we analyze the Mexican cartels, we recognize that to understand their actions and the interactions between them, we need to acknowledge that at their core they are businesses and not politically motivated militant organizations. This means that although violence between and within the cartels grabs much of the spotlight, a careful analysis of the cartels must look beyond the violence to the business factors that drive their interests -- and their bankrolls. 

There are several distinct business factors that have a...