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Illumination From Medieval Manuscripts

buxton Wrote: Dec 24, 2012 11:07 PM
it seems strange that there were on documents written in Greek if they go back to the end of the Roman empire the Jews in Jesus day had their Torah in both Hebrew and Greek (Septuagint) There are also many Q'ran versions that go back to the 7thC that show that as Uthman standardized it, many texts were left out or written differently to the ones we have today and many Muslims, unaware of these errors or uncertainties, then chant about infidels dying because they dare to share these old documents with them as it destroys their claims of a perfect document Christians on the other hand have both the Torah and the Gospels, etc in their Bible which has been extensively corrected by the higher critics to remove any accidental copyist errors, etc.
NEW YORK CITY -- It hasn't been an easy time -- year, decade, early century -- for organized religion. Books by atheists proliferate, some meaner than others. Fewer men and women attend church or synagogue services. The season highlights Christmas and in recent years Hanukkah, but the cultural emphasis is more materialistic than meditative. Confidence in organized religion has declined to 44 percent, as measured by Gallup.

When tragedy strikes, as in Newtown, Conn., prayer resides mostly in the shadows of those personally affected. The public ritual requires politicians to assure survivors of their thoughts and prayers -- what one cynical...