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Good Women Have Abortions

buxton Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 11:38 PM
That is the same headline as saying even good people murder when it comes to taking someone's life without good cause e.g. self defence, etc. there is nomore innocent party than a person who has not yet left their mother's womb. this must be the most indefensible crime against humanity and God, their Creator. The only case that can be justified is when the mother's life is critically threatened by giving birth and even then there are proceedures where both lives can be saved
Barry was born a British citizen by his father's nationality and then he gave that up to become an Indonesian by his adoption father's nationality. This then gave him the ability to get a foreign student scholarship to college. These are facts that are not disputed proving that he is not qualified to be POTUS because of his birth father. If that means I'm a birther then I am guilty so how do you disagree and say he is qualified?
well that saves me writing the same things and there are lots more but, that is a pretty good summary
politicians need to change their views and make them public before elections and not after so the voters get who they are voting for. if the law agrees with God's decrees about convicted murderers where there is no doubts of their guilt then politicians should stay out of the process, especially those who have publicly supported the law. Democrats are known to be bleeding hearts for criminals but they don't care about the victims of crime. It may be that they are criminals and liars as well and so are looking after their brothers in crime.
once a tax or subsidy is introduced it becomes eternal government keeps growing and global warming is just another excuse to get more money out of us the first thing we need to do is trim government to the bone and then we can think about taxing the people only once and get rid of all these other taxes and regulations that are drowning our economy and sending our jobs overseas where these taxes, etc. don't apply.
Obama's only real job was as a community union organizer and this sort of thing is all he knows. Its what you do when you don't have the ability to win the argument, you bus in a mob and shout, "Crucify Him!". You might ask why but they never explain, they just get angrier and shout louder, "Crucify Him!" In the end most politicians just give in and wash their hands of the matter so that a riot doesn't begin. And that's how politics works for the left and all the followers of Satan. Mob rule! We need to make this sort of thing ileagal, unless it is done in an orderly manner that doesn't stop traffic and has signs that tell us the truth and gives a reasonable argument, not more shouting, "The people united (under Communist rule) will never be defeated (shut up).
I thought they had given up on global warming after the earth's mean temperature hadn't risen for the last 15 years and so they re-named it "Climate change". One thin you can be sure of is that the weather changes every day and that is why every news report is followed by a weather report. So, nothing new here, but we still want to tax you more money and we need an excuse, so Climate change is what we are using to as our excuse. Now if we ask any unbiased (not paid by a government to find evidence of climate change) meteorologist if our weather pattens show evidence of unusual climate change that can be shown to be caused by human activity (CO2 increases) then we don't get the answer governments want to hear. So we hear from biologists, economists and celebrities that the sky is falling. They keep repeating the lie over and over again and if you keep watching and listening to them, then you will start believing them, no matter what the weather or climate is doing. So turn them off and start telling people to stop listening to them and look at the evidence or listen to meteorologists before the government destroys the ecomony with taxes used to waste money and help the liars to get rich by selling us their schemes.
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The Threat To The Scientific Method

buxton Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 5:51 AM
the fact that many questions can't be asked in research that do not go with the flow is obvious and if any are unaware of the problem then I suggest viewing Rick Stein's "Expelled - no intelligence allowed" This video looks at how ID is expelled from college research but, it could just as easily be applied to Climate change, global warming, anything to do with biblical history e.g. paelentology, creation, Feminism, theology, law, etc. Science will never make any progress while it is stopping its ears and tying up any objections to the theories they now worship as their religion.
Stone's JFK was based on disinformation published with the financial backing of Russia's department of disinformation, mostly from "Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy?" was authored by a former member of the German Communist Party, Joachim Joesten, and published in New York by KGB agent Carlo Aldo Marzani Until the Mitrokhin Archive documents began appearing in 1999, it was not known that Joesten’s publisher, Marzani & Munsell, received subsidies totaling $672,000 from the Central Committee of the Communist Party in the early 1960s. That is how the left works for the Communist party throough films to try to change the US into a socialist or communist state eventually. They also try to portry Russia in a better light than what our spies know them to be.
money is one of their gods and so it has the final say in what they make at Hollywood unfortunately we are all sinners and we love our sin, so they make films with sex, drugs, language, violence, lies, adultery, Sodomy, false witnesses, coverting, idolatry, murder, stealing, destruction of property, etc, etc. without these sins they would have nothing to hang their stories on, they wouldn't be believable! by watching these films we desensitize our moral consciences and open our lives up to enjoying our sins more and more. the only way to combat this sort of soft porn degredation is not to support it and encourage others to turn it off and get back to studying the scriptures that are able to be equipped for every good work and able to teach, reprove, correct and to train in righteousness. (2 Tim 3:16)
like bees to the honey pot so criminals are attacted to gun-free zones now we have the Columbian drug cartels in charge of Chicargo we will see more killings every day in this gun-free zone what moron thinks you can be safe in Chicargo without a gun? I'm not going there for my vacation without one!
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