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Disinformation behind Obamacare runs deep

buxton Wrote: Dec 14, 2013 1:53 AM
Disinformation is a Russian spy term for information given to the media to push their agenda so the people will support it without needing to use police and battens coined by the book of the same name by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa former head of Romanian Intelligence during the cold war who came in from the cold and defected to the USA and gave us information that saved many lives and stopped wars from starting. Everyone should read it as it is still being used today and BO is very probably on of their agents who is doing his best to destroy the USA from within. So although it might sound "prissy" it is the best word to describe everything that BO is doing to the people of the USA. If you read the book you will see how true it is and how revealing it is about politics, the media and union policies today.
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Reagan Was Right on South Africa

buxton Wrote: Dec 11, 2013 2:54 AM
race based crimes are going on every day in every country what did Reagan do to stop it in the US as its worse than ever, only now its blacks attacking whites we would all like everyone to have enough, but it has never been the case, regardless of race in SA they had too many unskilled black workers leaving the hard life of farm work and coming to the cities where they made ghettos the smaller white community didn't have enough money to give these poor people the food, education and health care they needed they were aware of the big difference in possessions and opportunities between their communities and could see the danger of rioting or war as they had not long finished previous wars with them and so their only option, at that point, was to create a wall between the groups that was the reason for apartheid it was a very bad situation, but we shouldn't judge them if we haven't been there ourselves today blacks are still a minority in the US and governments try to help them by giving them jobs or money, education and health care, but that doesn't stop them from being over represented in our jails, troublemakers in schools, killing each other over drug related crimes, etc. so who are we to judge SA and their system of separation due to fear?
Wedding cakes are a work of art for a professional cake decorator and they can charge whatever they like for their work and choose what work they will do and who they work for as they are expressing themselves through their art. Hey everyone has the right to quit a job when they can't work with the people who are making it impossible for them to continue working there. We have the right to apply for any job we like and reject any offer also. if Picasso didn't need the money he might have chosen to never sell any of his paintings and his family would have been much better off today. They are his art and he owns them and does not need to sell them. If the pope had offered him a commission to paint over the ceiling at the Vatican, then he could refuse if he were protestant or if he didn't agree on the fee (he might be put to death during the Inquisition, but even the pope couldn't force him to do it) Artists should have freedom of expression as well as freedom of religion. What will the law do to the people now? Will they force us to do work we don't want to do just because they can? Will they tell our daughters they must enroll for work at the local bordello? Will they tell the violence hating religious people they must go to war and kill innocent people because we want their oil? Who gave these judges the right to tell us what work we must do? Isn't this an attack on the freedoms granted to all men by God? God will judge these judges and they will be found wanting.
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Is Obamacare Barack Obama’s Vietnam?

buxton Wrote: Dec 08, 2013 7:44 PM
If he was a republican then the media would have hung him over "Fast and furious" or Benghazi, but he's a democrat and so for the communist media he is their messiah who can walk on water by using the Schultz excuse, "I know nothing" and they will print it and then defend him with it. The blame for any problems he creates will always fall on some new scapegoat, who will then find themselves in a life time job with a huge public salary. That is the way for this party of spin and lies. They don't know what truth is, just like Pilate (John 18: 38)
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MSNBC Host: God Loves Obamacare

buxton Wrote: Dec 08, 2013 7:28 PM
MSNBC is a front for PRVADA and no true communist working there is allowed to either believe in God or to pray to Him. Schultz's job is to spread disinformation and slander any good thing including God with supporting any bad thing such as Obamacare. Of course if you want to know the truth when listing to them you need to reverse everything you hear. So God does not support it and in fact says that those who do not work should not eat, or to put it in terms of health care, we need to pay for what we get. By using the same method we find that he has said that Michele Bachmann knows what God thinks about it and is innocent of the charges brought against her on ethics grounds.
the basic wage doesn't matter economically compared to printing money which makes any wage worth less. If the wage goes up then so do every one else's wages along with the cost of living that makes money worth less as inflation eats up the extra money. If the fast food maker's costs go up then so does the price of the food, etc. The real problem in economic terms is supply and demand. Supply of cheap workers is increased by illegal immigration and high unemployment due to the high level of the dollar making it hard for producers to export and causes factories to close. We have been living on cheap money for too long and now we are paying for it through loss of jobs and selling off our businesses and property. Jesus said, we will always have the poor with us and the only way we can reduce their numbers by making the economy stronger by lowering the value of the dollar or asking the Chinese to increase the value of the Yuan. They are deliberately keeping it artificially low to destroy our economy and become virtually the only manufacturers in the world.
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Liberty University Denied its Liberty

buxton Wrote: Dec 03, 2013 7:15 PM
we are no longer the land of the free!
the financial benefits are easy to show, but the effects on the underground water supply is may be devastating to farming communities that rely on it. Does anyone know for sure? Maybe not, but is it worth risking it without doing the testing? No. Water is more valuable both now and will be more so in the future, so we need to test the process both independently and thoroughly before we make a bigger mistake than allowing Iran to continue producing nuclear bomb making materials. Like Pandora's box, you can't put it back once it's opened.
Evolution is a religion and should not be taught in schools The Bible is an historical account by those people who were there and saw what happened, i.e. God, who spoke through Moses. Biblical history has never been wrong even though many have tried to disprove it on many occasions. If you have an eyewitness to give you the facts of a case and another person who proposes a theory using his predisposed position to interpret the evidence then the judge will always take the eye witness account as fact before an interpretive theory. Evolution has been proved wrong over and over again, but the believers just keep changing the theory to allow for the new information, even when it destroys their previously held beliefs. If either group needs faith to keep believing in their religion is has to be the Evolutionists. Real scientists know how faulty this theory is and either don't speak up because they are atheists and don't want to admit God as their Creator and law giver, or they speak up and get fired or they just resign like I did when they changed the laws and stopped scientific debate on the topic in the science classrooms. In future we will teach kids about this policy in science history lessons on how science can be manipulated by religious atheists to push unscientific theories into the school curriculum and onto society through the media. Then we should start looking at the abuse of people's rights under the constitution, because they will come for the Christians first and then they will come for the rest of the people who don't bow down to the great leader!
they are both wrong and liars they knew this health care was not affordable, didn't know how to run it and were using it just to raise taxes in a backdoor way and so they were liars they were wrong because they are government employees and not health insurance actuaries who know what they are doing in a competitive environment. they have no idea of the impact of all these changes as the whole bill was written by hundreds of different people and then put together by someone who didn't care if it made sense or even worked. this is because the whole idea was just part of a throwaway line by BO in one of his speeches designed to get just one more round of applause. Now we are stuck with it and BO's puppet masters are very pleased with the way he is destroying the USA so they can bring in their one world government, disarm the people and enslave them forever!
The medical and pharmaceutical systems are corrupt in the first place and so if you can't even get their approval then you must be totally incompetent! The first priority of medical practice is, "To do no harm" and how can this work for an abortionist? Everyone should have the same rights to constitutional protections as anyone else, especially those who are handicapped in any way, like being inside a womb or needing constant care. Life is identified scientifically from conception to death and yet we ignore common sense and allow idiots call the embryo an infection in the woman's body that needs to be removed, like a pimple, when in fact it has its own unique DNA. Who knows what benefit this new life may bring to mankind? They may cure cancer, solve hunger problems for the world or just end up being a burden on everyone when they become president! We need to stop making our own laws before we sign our own death certificates with euthanasia and acknowledge that there is a God and He has spoken to us and given us laws that are right. Do not murder!
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