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great post but we will never see or hear about any or these things in the main stream media as they hate those who speak the truth
first we had global warming, then climate change and now we should start worrying about global cooling, but the main thing to appreciate is that they are all caused by increased CO2 levels and so we should still be willing to pay a carbon tax. Well that is what the government economists keep telling us. As a scientist who understands that the sun is responsible for temperature changes on earth none of these statements from economists quoting "settled science" surprises me any more.
can we stop calling these Russian army troops Ukrainian! This would put a different spin on all the news about this Russian invasion there is no doubt that Russia will take the Ukraine by force slowly so the West doesn't get to react to it just like Hitler started war under the speech "Peace in our time" Hitler used the same "Disputed territory" to justify his initial invasions and Putin is using his play-book while Obama and the EU are not prepared to stop him with troops in the Ukraine. Putin is using Obama's term to do this as he knows Reagan, Bush, etc. would call his bluff
abuse is abuse, she needs to be charged on her admission and do the time for the crime. it doesn't matter how long ago it was or how young she was, her sister was younger and probably didn't know what was happening but when she did realize it did effect her. kids do bad stuff and so do adults. It doesn't matter if others do it too, Cain killed Abel but that doesn't mean we can all do it too! The trouble with the entertainment industry is that this sort of thing is far too common and so they think we are all like them. We are not! Turn off your TV and go back to Bible study, lead a holy and godly life for others to see and follow instead of filth like this.
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Feminists and the Snakes in Their Heads

buxton Wrote: Nov 02, 2014 11:26 PM
for a more complete expose' of this women enslaving group I suggest reading "The Flipside of Feminism" available at WND in ebook and paperback formats This is just a part of the problem for women and we need to let them know the truth asap
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No Risk in Global Warming!

buxton Wrote: Oct 29, 2014 1:31 AM
Greenpeace was once about peace and against nuclear war until Russia gained parity with the US arsenal now it is so green that it threatens the industries of the West with the fairy story about Global Warming or Climate Change but isn't it strange that Russia, China, India, North Korea and the rest of the Communist world is not doing anything about it apart from a few token actions. The EU have just made some big promises but, they don't have the budgets to carry them out. They are just trying to shame us all into doing the same and destroying our economies like they have already done to their own so then the Communists can buy our companies and rule us financially The Communists are waiting for the rest of the West to go broke along with the EU and if Barak keeps throwing money at all these green schemes then it won't be long before China owns most of the US.
freedom of religion and speech are rights we are born with and no one else can can take away those rights I may not agree with what they say but I will defend their right to say what they believe that applies to racist comments, lies, slander, defamation, etc. however, when these words can be shown to be lies, etc. then I reserve the right of others to speak against them and prove them false. If we allow this freedom then we will be able to deal with wrong ideas but, if we deny it then, they will still be held by the believers and they will work together in an underground group that we will not be able to deal with If Christians are our greatest threat then we haven't been watching the news lately have any Sodomites asked to be married by an Imam in a mosque lately? I don't think so as they teach that Sodomites should be put to death by stoning and yet no Muslims have been taken to court for refusing to marry them its a bit obvious what is going on here isn't it?
killing unborn children who are hurting no one is worse than what ISIS is doing to their enemies in their "war" on everyone else. only the death penalty is fit for these mass-murderers
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The Cuban Missile Crisis Fairy Tale

buxton Wrote: Oct 29, 2014 12:17 AM
In fact Khrushchev was upset by the blockade of his ships and called for Kennedy's assassination (as revealed in "Disinformation" by former Romanian spy chief) the soviet spy who revealed the secrets of the height of the US spy planes then volunteered during a visit to the Russian embassy in Mexico. He was given the go ahead and training but, when Khrushchev tried to stop the plan he was too late and the shooting went ahead. FBI and CIA covered up the Russian Communist connection to again avoid a nuclear war with Russia from which both would be losers and in any case Kennedy was a hopeless politician who only got there through his father's money made by (the now illegal) manipulation of the stock market. Khrushchev probably saw Kennedy as a friend of Communism with all the concessions he gave them and it must be seen as very similar to the Ukrainian problems and the relationship between Putin and Obama who has no idea on foreign policy.
any religion that depends on the government has lost the plot already Communism requires the destruction of Christiaity as it offers help to the needy while they want government to be the only place people in need can turn to and so have everyone submit to them. Daniel was thrown into the lion's den for the same offence
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Good Women Have Abortions

buxton Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 11:38 PM
That is the same headline as saying even good people murder when it comes to taking someone's life without good cause e.g. self defence, etc. there is nomore innocent party than a person who has not yet left their mother's womb. this must be the most indefensible crime against humanity and God, their Creator. The only case that can be justified is when the mother's life is critically threatened by giving birth and even then there are proceedures where both lives can be saved
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