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the big problem for Global warming is that it didn't happen and then a lot of scientists appeared on the scene to show that the IPCC had fudged the results to fit their theory. When Australians realized that the sun was responsible for Climate change, that had been going on since creation, and that even the best estimates of shutting down their whole economy would only change the temperature by 0.01 degree over 50 years, they rejected the pain required to support it economically. Labor's problems were not just the Carbon tax which Gillard and the Greens introduced after she had promised before the election not to do, and so she was called Ju-liar not Julia, they had many failed budgets, criminal investigations on their members, etc. In short their government, like Obama's had become a joke that was hated by honest people due to their disrespect for the people in lying to them and supporting criminals in their government while the people could see the truth as plain as day. Truely the king had no clothes on when they went to the election and even though they, like Obama, had the media in their pocket, all the people could not be fooled all the time.
God created them male and female. Each sex has its own characteristcs as noted even by educators who are well read. Young boys are more active and cannot work well in the female climate of sitting quietly in a room for hours at a time like we see in most classrooms. I have taught Physics in senior high school and in all my time I have never had a girl who excelled. I tried to encourage them and sought to find their problems, but it was like talking to a brick wall. I think some of them were there because of the high number of boys or just one boy in particular with which they could spend time away from the competition of other girls that they faced in other areas. Women have mamalian breasts designed to feed young children, they have a womb designed to allow the foetus to grow into a healthy baby, but we seem to ignore these basic facts and their related desire to have and care for children and small animals. Yes its the Feminist ideal that has given us a wrong view of the sexes and their differences. If they want true equality then we should have no sex attached to any event in any sport or job, e.g. tennis, golf, football, baseball, basketball, athletics, etc. then we will see that they are different and it isn't fair to ask a woman to compete on truely equal terms as they are not equal in every way. They do have equal rights, but not equal bodies, just different, better at some things and weaker at others. That is just the way God made us and sin is what makes us want to undo they order that God created them in. The curse on women in Genesis 3: 16 can more properly be read in context as, "Your desire will be for you to rule over your husband, and he will rule over you." That is what is at the heart of Feminism, sin.
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Let's Repeal Freedom of Speech?

buxton Wrote: Jul 01, 2014 12:29 AM
they have already removed free speech and freedom of religion through the courts if you hadn't already noticed as 45caliber wrote below and there are more examples. Once we allowed the passing of non-discrimination laws to include sexual preferences instead of racial, as it was meant to be, then we destroyed the laws that were based on the Christian-Judean laws given to us by God through Moses and allowed Sodomy, but more, we have now protected Sodomy. Even the religious freedoms of those who believe that God's laws are better than man's laws have been taken away for the sake of the Sodomites. We need to go back and remove sexual preferences from the anti-discrimination laws and bring back the laws against Sodomy, Buggery, Beastiality, Pedopilia and polygamy. if we don't then all these sexual sins will soon be protected under this deceitful law.
BO gives billions of taxpayer dollars to pp and PP gives it back to him for his election. That sounds like corruption to me. Why do they need our taxes to support their industry, isn't this a free economy? Where are the adoption services to offer their services to "Unwanted pregnancies"? How unwanted are they anyway? i bet that if they had the right counseling many of these women would keep their children and be happy instead of depressed and suicidal for killing their own child. How many million children have died because of this farce of a decision Roe-v-Wade when even the girl at the centre of it tells us now that she was coached as to what she should say and it had nothing to do with her own situation!
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Questions from a Concerned Parent

buxton Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 12:28 AM
just get a job and use the internet and books to learn your skills and then you can choose who your teachers are the communists, unions, Feminists, anarchists, etc. have taken over education, politics, judicary, religious intitutions, media and soon our whole society will be gone if we don't stop using their stuff and start using scripture to guide us in all areas of life
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The Theory of the World is Wrong

buxton Wrote: Jun 27, 2014 11:07 PM
in reality we now have Dems + GOP -v- Tea Party once we all see the reality then the Tea Party will start winning, but they need to be careful that their candidates are conservative and not allow infiltration from the Dems like the GOP have
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Preserving Power at Any Cost

buxton Wrote: Jun 27, 2014 10:26 PM
we need to regard the GOP as being part of the Dem's party and so part of the problem with our government. Just look at how many of them have voted for Democrat bills to enable things like Obamacare, etc. and the GOP talk about immigration reform. We need to vote for Tea Party only and let GOP and Dems form their own coalition
Homosexual marriage is an oxymoron. Marriage is the two becomming one and this does not work with two males or two females. In maths its like making a zero by adding a +1 to a -1. When you add +1 + +1 you get +2 not unity or zero. This abomination (Lev 18:22) is art of a plan to destroy the moral fibre of the west by the Communists and their progeny, the media, the unions, Feminists and Sodomites. To understand what they are doing you will need to read the book "Disinformation" by former inteligence head of the Romanian Communist government from 50s-70's.
marriage is between a man and a woman, thus differences are there from the start, but love and children allow each person to perform their roles in that marriage. Husbands are to love their wives and wives are to be subject to their husbands in everything. In this way there marriage works well, although there will always be disagreements, the husband takes his wife's thoughts into account and then makes the final decision. The wife accepts her husband's rule and her husband takes responsibility for any problems arrising from those decisions, even if he does what his wife suggested. In the Church, we have two groups, those who are known by God as His adpoted children by His grace and those whom God does not know and are either wolves in sheep's clothing or misguided souls trying to earn their own salvation by attending church, etc. Paul said of those who preach another gospel, "Let them be accursed" (Gal 1) God said to Moses that if anyone says, "Let us go and worship other gods" you shall stone him to death. So we have the visible church made up of both tares and wheat and then we have the Church in the world made up of all those whom God has elected from the foundation of the world. For this reason we will never have unity in the visible church as it is made up of two groups that have nothing in common and will always have different gospels. The tares have a man centred gospel, while the wheat have a God centred gospel where all the glory of salvation goes to God alone and man is nothing more than a sinner saved by grace.
"Modern Family", like many other Hollywood productions is the product of Communism, Feminism and its offspring Sodomism's mind altering propaganda to destroy marriage and the moral fabric of our country. It is an attack on everything good and right that this country has ever stood for. I refuse to watch it. Their best representative would be Mr. Brady from the Brady buch, but he, like most other older Sodomites, is dead from AIDS and other STDs. Sodomites live an average of 15 years less than the national average and yet the surgeon general has not issued a warning about the effects on health for people who are conned into this abominable behaviour, while smokers only lose an average of 7 years. How is that possible unless it is a secret political conspiracy hatched by the devil and his cohorts?
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Why Americans Dislike Soccer

buxton Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 8:25 PM
I think you forgot about Rugby League and Union and apart from those two the Brits have invented more sports than any other country. Hunting, polo, horse racing, hockey (from which we got ice-hockey), bowls, golf, tennis,squash, hand ball, raquet ball, etc., etc. just look up any sport's history on wikipedia and you'll find that most of them were invented by the brits when the sun never set on their empire and their factories and colonies provided them with free time to fill in with all sorts of games.
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