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Anyone who supports marriage equality, but gives money to a Republican candidate, should do their homework first. Most Republican candidates are anti-gay, so they should do research before opening their wallet.
And the point of this article is...what?
If the head of a company gave to a white supremacist group, should he or she lose his job? I think pressure and revulsion would force them out.
DOMA was an oppressive law. It is now gone. What people of certain religious convictions are asking is for special protection for their bigotry. That is not going to happen in 2014.
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Worst Week for Abortion in 50 Years

buster8 Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 9:57 PM
Get out the coat hangars, Phyllis. It's time we have women bleed to death in back alleys again!
Tammy Bruce thinks the people on this site will like her because she is conservative. But they STILL call her a "birth defect" because she's gay!
A car bomber could never be responsible for the number of deaths and the blood that Donald Rumsfeld has on his hands...four thousand Americans, a couple hundred thousand Iraqis.
Gays are a small minority, but there are millions more who love them, because they are in every family, every ethnic group, every religion, every race. And real families support their gay loved ones.
Shame on Rupert Murdoch and the St. Patrick Day parade organizers. We are not Russia. We are not Uganda. Murdoch wants all gays to be invisible. That's not the USA!
I thought Conservatives respected our nation's Constitution, which states that all are entitled to a legal defense in a court of law. Obama's nominee, Adegbile, was punished for abiding by the U.S. Constitution.
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