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Yes, to the Gulf, from where it will be shipped to the highest bidder - Communist China. Why else would it need to be routed to the Gulf? Google "Keystone China", even the would-be company building the pipeline admits that's what it's for.
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The Fiscal Cliff and Chinese Windfall

bushwhacker2 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 12:20 AM
Similarly, unless Congress forces the president’s hand, the Keystone pipeline will remain mired in bureaucratic red tape, and the oil development that could fuel tens of thousands of domestic “middle class” jobs will instead be routed to China." "...every instance where the Chinese can access energy without competition from the United States takes them ever closer to their goal of economic and military parity with the United States." So the author thinks that the best way to compete with China for energy is by building the Keystone pipeline - when the purpose of the pipeline is to route the energy to China! Conservative's best economic idea is to convert North America into a resource colony for Communist China? Good luck with that
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