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"This will become a Constitutional crisis until 2016; when we the people speak once again at the voting booth." Yes, but the big question is, "What will we say?"
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Who is Rand Paul?

bushrat49 Wrote: Sep 02, 2014 7:32 PM
Actually, it's because most women (my wife is an exception) vote with their emotions and pocketbook. Promise them some sort of "security" like free birth control or food stamps, and they will follow like sheep.
And I 2nd that emotion! :)
Maybe this would have come off better if they hadn't tried pounding the "newbie" shooters with so much power? A shotgun for a first timers? Oh, come on! I have trained many new shooters, and they always learn better and faster when started with a .22, something with less recoil. And more emphasis on gun safety. Anyway, these people were already "hard core" anti-gunners. This was probably an exercise in futility, but nice try, I guess.
Actually, some do. Cats do, and the Killer Whale does, among others.
Why would Christie want to intervene? He's as anti gun as the rest of the liberal elite. You do know he's a Rino, don't you?
That calls for a huge AMEN!!
You need to stay away from those mushrooms.
The "Islamic State" has been at war with the world prior to the "Crusades, by about 465 yrs." Who do you think started it?
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