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The problem with voting Republican is that too many Republicans are not conservative. speaker Boehner and Sen. mcConnell have endorsed an extension of the debt limit, without any spending cuts. When are the Republicans in the House and Senate going to try to cut spending? Any spending?
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Resolve to Conquer or Die

BurtB Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 9:16 PM
I wish I was smart enough to understand what the new tactic is. I get that we can not give up. That is good advice. But then, what? Knock on doors in my neighborhood and tell them things I think should change? They did not vote for Obama and Big Government. The People in the big city 20 miles away did. And when I bring my car into that neighbor hood, it gets "keyed", cause the progressives hate free speech. Hold signs on street corners? I have to go to work every day. Can anyone tell me what they think Chuck suggested as a New Tactic?
Mr. Kudlow seems to think that the Republicans should accept the deal. "Ideally, the GOP can get solid promises on spending cuts and entitlement reforms in return for a tax package. " the problem is, either we go off the cliff, or there will be no reforms. There never ARE Solid promises of future spending cuts. If the Republicans in the House and Senate accept anything less than cuts that go into effect this year, it would be better to lose the House. There is no difference between going off the cliff quickly and going slowly. Boehner and Mc Connell are afraid that if we go over the cliff, Repubs will get blamed, and they will get voted out of office. If they don't cut spending by more than 1-2% (should be 10%) they will lose anyway.
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