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Good article. Unfortunately women are the biggest consumers of TV in the country. Starting with the Today show and ending with the Tonight show women don't turn the TV off if in the house and the constant bombardment of pro democrat bias by the Democrat party networks has killed any Republican's hope of winning the majority of the women's vote. Wake up Republicans, the news media is an arm of the Democrat party.
What's amazing is not only did the idiots in charge of the government screw up Egypt, Libya and maybe Syria but when people were protesting the elections in Iran not a word from Obama, Kerry, Pelosi, Mccain, Graham or the other geniuses in charge. What an opportunity lost to make real change in the middle east.
Great article but republicans are too nice or too dumb to use the progressives' methods.
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Congress Should Veto Obama's War

Burt4 Wrote: Aug 27, 2013 7:13 PM
All good Pat but will the bums in Congress cut their vacation. Doubt it very much. Too many lobbyist dollars to chase to get reelected next year. Syria, that's already decided.
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A Truly Great Phony

Burt4 Wrote: Aug 27, 2013 7:07 PM
Who is the worst politician, the phony like Obama or the silent republican who never calls out the phonies in politics and the media? Come on republicans grow a set and call out those phonies in politics and especially the media.
Obama is not a Marxist. The first thing a Marxist does is expropriates property for the government and sends the owners either to jail or to Miami with a suitcase and whatever else they can carry. Just ask Cubans and Nicaraguans that lived through the early days of Castro and Ortega. They will tell you what Marxists do when they take power. Obama is a foolish politician doing to the US what the american politicians have done to American cities since the 1960's. Turning once vibrant cities into urban wastelands with senseless and corrupt big government solutions that stifle innovative and creative solutions to solvable problems. What Lyndon Johnson did to the black family, Obama and the majority of American politicians will do to all families as they continue their laughable assault on common intelligent solutions to solvable problems.
Great article. It's time to fight back against liberals who demonize their opposition. I quit watching 60 minutes as their pro democrat bias was too much to stomach any more. I will close my capital one accounts and move my car insurance to another carrier. I will not go to a Matt Damon movie and I got rid of my New York Times subscription. One by one all of us can do small things to send a powerful message to the moneyed interests that run this country and take joy in demonizing and belittling patriotic Americans in the tea parties.
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The Decayed Press Corps' Rotten Questions

Burt4 Wrote: Aug 17, 2013 9:51 AM
Any one with a tiny amount of intellectual honesty can see that the main street press is an arm of the Democrat party. The Republicans need to challenge the press and put them on the spot for what they are, the cheerleaders and sycophants of the Democrat party. When the Republicans do that maybe then the press will start the process of becoming independent of the two parties.
Since when did someone born in Canada of a US citizen become eligible to be president? The canal zone I understand but Canada? You cannot be serious. If Cruz thinks he's getting away with that one he's sadly mistaken. Let's see the Tea Party Republicans get behind Mark Levin's proposals and term limit Congress. Then Mcain and the other elected pimps can quit giving away our tax money to all the lobbyists that shower money on them so they can die in office. That would be a worthwhile endeavor.
It's time for Repubs to be disciplined and boycott the Obama media.
Good article but you fail to understand that the media is owned by the Democratic party. The New York Times, ABC, CBS, and the other mainstream media outlets are in lock step with the Democrat party and it's objectives. Looking at the big picture it seems as if the Democrats have infiltrated the staff of a lot of the Republicans in the Senate. Why, when a Republican knows that the major media is so blatantly biased against them, would the Republicans agree to be on their shows or be interviewed by the Democrat party operatives posing as reporters.
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