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The Tyranny of the Virtuous

burrodan Wrote: Mar 14, 2013 4:57 PM
it is BOTH ...LIBERALS support: food restrictions, helmet laws, anti-smoking laws, minimum wage laws, seat belt laws, etc. ...... CONSERVATIVES support: the drug war, prostitution laws, polygamy laws, sodomy laws, gambling laws, etc. All of these laws(and hundreds more) are direct assaults on LIBERTY. Both sides are equally guilty of TYRANNY. But each side prefers its own flavor of tyranny. I just wish more conservatives(I'm no liberal) could be intellectually honest enough to recognize this in themselves.
The first law of thermodynamics says that energy can't be created and can't be destroyed -- it can only be changed from one form into another. The same holds true of the puritanical impulse.

Puritanism in the historical sense is as dead as the Salem witches. The religious group that settled in New England outlawed theater, rejected any form of sex except marital intercourse, banned celebration of Christmas and spent hours in church listening to horrifying depictions of Hell.

But the term has come to be a synonym for any disapproval or discouragement of carnal pleasure. Sexual puritanism has receded even among devout...