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the Left thinks they will be able to rewrite History, but America will never -ever- forget these 2 terms of a deviant psychotic liar president and his deviant, lying Left devotees.
this lena cretin is the deviant gal who was onscreen licking the rectumhole of Lyin' Brian Williams' daughter on that deviant show on cable, wasn't she. no wonder the Left loves her. they are all sexual deviants.
Slick Willie was spinning the truth to try to look better because he didn't do anything in response to the vicious muslim terrorist attack in Oct 2000 resulting in all the 17 US deaths on the USS COLE.
even on Sept 10th 2001, Slick Willie was spinning the truth to look good. The Military eyewitness says both times Clinton passed on getting OBL, Clinton angrily didn't want to even deal with the fact the CIA had OBL in their sights.
American Conservatives knew all about OBL in the Clinton years. OBL certainly publicized his hatred & threats to kill the US. ~~ Lt Col Patterson, who held the nuclear football (briefcase) for Clinton was right there when the CIA gave Slick Willie the CIA messages they had OBL in their sights.. all they needed was word GO. once on golf course and once at dinner.. and both times Clinton viciously told the messenger not to interrupt him. === Patterson wrote very detailed informative book "DERELICTION OF DUTY" about these events.
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