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yes he has. in HAWAII, not Chicago.
the cocaine dealers in DC will be out of business once obama goes back to Chicago.
obama refers to DEAD AMERICANS, MURDERED AMERICANS, as "bumps in the road". imagine what he thinks of us living well-armed ones.
imported lobster and kobe beef.
this ticks us off more than anything that fat butted communist sow has done to our children. our children are in AMERICA and we are sending them to schools NOT TO STARVE ALL DAY. you better believe those communist red diaper obama babies are NOT STARVING.
we pity the ignorant haters who think Mr Beck is the one who came up with those 'ideas' that are coming true today, on his own... while obviously highly intelligent he has a huge support network of friends/ whistleblowers in some scary very high places like the CIA and Pentagon and US Military spec ops teams who have been warning him for years. so glad the Left hatred drove him --inspired him-- to create his own thriving network where he answers to no one and CAN warn America what other PATRIOTIC AMERICANS have been warning him about. no surprise to us that influencial Europeans have had Mr Beck and his team fly over to consult with them on their problems; he was even invited to the Vatican. God bless him for trying to help us..
anyone watching the Glenn Beck shows immediately recognizes this is what his panel of researchers and whistleblowers from the CIA and Pentagon have been telling him for 5 years, what he has had on those famous chalkboards, and in his 3 documentaries ''RUMORS of WAR'' series.. marxists and muslims united to bring down America, Capitalism, and Western Civilization. ,
of course those diseased rats are deserting their sinking ship. too late for them, now we know who they are.
why are we not surprised. obama stands to make million$ off America's mindless white democrat worshippers after his gay Chicago or gay New York or gay Pakistan sex tapes surface after the election.
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