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Houston's First Amendment Problem

burgerboy Wrote: Oct 22, 2014 3:01 PM
There would be hell to pay if anyone tried this with Rev, Wright,and his anti-American rants.
Over stepping authority is SOP for progressives of today. The White House,DOJ,IRS,HHS,EPA,Democratic controlled senate,........
There must not be any positive PR or campaign material to spin out of this meeting.
With liberals humans only have a right to there own body to kill the unborn! For everything else it's theirs. Food,drugs,education,protection(fire arm ownership),voting rights........
First they get everyone to have to register. Then they will pass mental competence laws such as they have in New York screwinng 35,000 people.
At $500 k. a pop he's not concerned about treating patients here. He's more concerned about the third world economies. It would be politically incorrect to impose a ban and keep his fellow Muslims from coming here even if sick.
Obama just said on tv. they need to stop the source of ebola in west Africa. But he'll be darned if he will contain it there. He can guarantee that if a person doesn't have a fever when they get on a plane they won't get one during the flight or a day after they get here. Remember this s the man that promised to stem the tides and control the weather
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Government Malpractice

burgerboy Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 2:00 PM
I saw n a site yesterday a post with a long list of things saying something about , a country founded by geniuses but governed by idiots. I wish that person would post again. It was great and very appropriate to this administration. This adminisration is the "Peter Principal" to the nth degree.
This is a non issue. Hasn't SCOTUS already ruled that it's ok to lie about hings such military service?
It would be politically incorrect to ban flights. He would n't want to offend his fellow Muslims. After all this is the "APOLOGY PRESIDENT"
You can bet they were hand picked screened and vetted. Probably had to show ID. Wonder if Mooochellle will still sleep with him tonight. Think attendance will drop at his next fund raiser? The only reason he is on this is because elections are coming up.
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