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And some believe that public sector unions are not responsible for Detroit's collapse.
At one time I would have thought this laughable and impossible. But with this administrations love of the UN and all the things they want to try to achieve through it nothing would surprise me. With the Benghazi video debacle they have shown to have no respect for the first amendment. Trying to get gun control through the UN arms treaty shows they have no respect for the second amendment. They also have designs on giving more control of the seas and mineral rights to the UN, in the name of the environment. So I would not be surprised if Kerry and Obama complied.
It was also mentioned that ,why do people think that they will be nice to you just because you let them get closer to you .Or something to that affect.
This point was mentioned just to night on a segment of "Huckabee"
Palestinians never had land. They are homeless Arabs(Nomads?),wanting a stable bas to establish a strong army to attack Israel.
Palestinians are terrorists. Israel gave them Gaza.They bring in rocket launchers,dig tunnels to Israeli cities for terrorist attacks. Give them their own state and they will do the same. They will amass a army and attack Israel at will. They would be a TERRORST STATE! No matter what they get they will not be happy as long as Israel exists. It's their mantra,meme whatever. It's what they teach their kids in school. Kerry,Obama etal are placating terrorist at the expense of our only ally we really have left today.
This thread is rather long. Who exactly you referring to?
Cleaning up Clinton's mess. 9-11 WAS well under way before Clinton won reelection.
It's not blame it's pretty much a given. Bush was I office 9 months. Still getting his feet wet and cleaning up Clintons seaman stains in the oval offices
You must believe Bush is responsible for 9-11. after 8 years of Clinton decimating our intelligence services,down grading our military,sucking up to Arrafat,efusing to get Bin Ladin when he got the chance and showing terrorists we weren't serious by blowing up empty tents.
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