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When Having A Baby Is a Crime

Bulwark Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 12:33 PM
Great psychological harm accrues to a child, male or female, growing up in a one child home when the other parent is still living. In times of solitude, birthdays, holidays, that child will inevitably brood over and lament the absence of the missing parent. Recognizing that there are many successful one-parent homes, never-the-less, those homes that are not successful produce a child, or children, who will, in many ways, have social and professional problems for a lifetime. If nothing else, a profound sadness and lack of trust will exist, which many will be unable to overcome.

Over the years, many people have asked me to pray for them concerning a myriad of problems and difficulties, but a request for prayer from a Christian living in mainland China was a first for me: His wife was pregnant with their second child, and with his country’s draconian one-child policy, having a second child would mean severe fines and penalties for many years to come. Would I please pray for him and for his wife?

While the situation in China is extreme, it is part of a much larger, global picture which includes: children viewed as a burden more than...