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Conservatives Must Build a 'Bite Me' Coalition

Bulwark Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 11:32 AM
"So, yes, we ALL help pay for each other's medical care. And some of us are a lot more medically responsible than others." Yes, in those instances you cite, corporate expense provides their employees that benefit. Those companies offer that perk because it enhances their ability to attract and keep good workers. But those whom patronize those corporations do so of their own free will, not under government fiat. It is none of their business, nor do they care, what expensed the provider incurs. Their interest is in the service or product provided, it's quality and fair market value. It all comes back to the same thing, always: INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

Who the hell is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to presume that he has a say in what I or any other American chooses to drink? Of course, the answer for any self-respecting citizen is that he has no such say, and the proper response to him and his legion of petty fascist fan boys is the suggestion that they pucker up – and I will politely decline to identify what they should kiss.

It’s a sad commentary that the once boisterous, independent, take-no-guff New Yorker of the past has been replaced by a gutless, cowardly supplicant eager to obey...