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"Seeking to turn a page on that chapter in the service's famed history, Obama last year named veteran Secret Service agent Julia Pierson as the agency's first female director and signaled his desire to change the culture at the male-dominated service." Horse manure, he jumped her up & named her specifically to undermine the moral and esprit de corps of the service. The Obamas despise their protection detail staff. In the great scheme of things, this incident is another of the few, isolated, blemishes in the history of America's oldest federal law-enforcement agencies.
" The government is arming itself to fight a war against the civilian population and training the police and military that Christians and conservatives are "domestic terrorists"." Well, my ex-wife's a Christian, and she's most definitely a domestic terrorist!
Sorry Mike, I didn't notice that you were responding to another post. Redundant, I know.
No, an 80% completed receiver is not a firearm, per the BATF's own rules and the NFA. And anyone building their own weapon, for personal use--which may not be sold, or transfered, to anyone else, does not have to have a serial number on it. However, some folk will put their own unique # on their work. Perhaps their initials followed by a numerical sequence. Especially if they are shooters who may make several versions of one caliber or various types of weapons. Some folk make pottery, some whittle, some make matchbox cars, some do scrapbooks and some just love to make mechanical things that work and serve a purpose.
What kind of pin head is that TV commentator? You can legally buy an identical 80% receiver if it is made out of aluminum. Privacy vs safety, don't be an idiot. The BATF is over-reaching here. Unfortunately the agent in the field is forced to wage what is essentially a political battle against all firearms by their administrators. The head of that agency is a political appointee who does exactly what the White House tells him to do, which is to use his agency any way that he can think of to disarm American citizens and obstruct their building of their own firearms for personal use. A legitimate endeavor.
Not entirely true, you've omitted anything that looks like one of those weapons also. In fact, an assault rifle is a selective fire weapon which fire ammunition which is between a pistol ammunition and combat rifle ammunition. AW's utilize a mid sized cartridge case, and the weapon generally has a shorter barrel than a full size infantry rifle, such as the Springfield 30-06, German Mauser, M1 Garand or M14 NATO 7.62X51 (Winchester .308) No semi-automatic rifle was ever classified as an assault weapon, nor employed as one, by a military force.
Out with the RHINOs, they're all traitors to the republican party.
Neither the FOP leadership or the Int. Assn. of Chiefs of Police care one wit about the guy on the street. The IACP & the state trooper assns. all fought tooth and nail against the Police Officers Safety Act to authorizing nation wide carry for active and honorably retired LEOs.
Wise up fellas. Do not pursue, do not attempt to detain. Invite Chief Fisher to come to your post and demonstrate personally how he wants you to perform in each typical situation. He should be willing to demonstrate the efficacy of his policies. Failing that, sit back and watch. Your superiors will only release them latter anyway. Why place yourself in danger anymore. That directive has only one purpose, placing you at a disadvantage, while attempting to mitigate their own liability. Stay off the bus route, they intend to toss you under it.
"We should be challenging people like John McCain, whose track record of never winning and unearned media adoration have made him the GOP’s Danica Patrick – mercifully without the nipple-flashing selfies." Great article Kurt, but please; don't undermine your authority by reaching for an analogy while referencing a photo-shopped picture. The authenticity of that Danica photo is easily deconstructed with a little effort.
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Grim Times for Gun Grabbers

Bulwark Wrote: Feb 22, 2014 11:37 AM
Americans, for the most part, are not to lazy to do those jobs. But, why should those who are too lazy do that work when their government pays them not to? If able bodied welfare recipients were forced off of the taxpayer's dole, they would either take any job that they could get or go without eating, drinking, smoking, lottery tickets, drugs & cell phones or designer sneakers.
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