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Gee whiz Al, is the NFL too black? Asked tongue-in-cheek. Meritocracy Al, the NFL, as should be life in the U.S.A., is a meritocracy, as should be any awards ceremony. Life in the adult world isn't supposed to be about assuaging the hopes and dreams of everyone. You stand or fall based on your own accomplishments, regardless of who your daddy was.
"Mitt lacks the "fire in the belly" to win a presidential election." Amen!
I always thought it meant: Please Eat This Animal.
To whom? You r rdkulous.
Seems to me that we should impeach anyone who was even in the same city as these (You fill in a group you detest) dirtballs. Proximity and perception are EVERYTHING! Ah, er, uh, well, unless it's a liberal, who's only reason for participation is due to their desire to be diverse and inclusive. Bear in mind, we must not judge--unless it's the opposition. In that event, it is mandatory that an epic mountain be erected from all available mole hills. And quickly too.
Sounds like the 'reporter' who stated "the narrative is more important than the facts."
You do realize, prostitution is illegal?
Boloney: The PD can only do what their civilian political masters permit. If the word comes down to only contain rioters, protestors, or looters and avoid arrests, if at all possible, you will have looting and burning, maybe worse. I invite your attention to Furgeson (sp) where the governor preempted the local PD's command structure and emplaced a state trooper to command local efforts. The police are perfectly capable at enforce the peace, if the politicians get out of their way. When it comes to civil-disobedience which rises to the level of rioting, and keeping the peace, you can't make an omelet without bruising some egos. Resist arrest and the force necessary to you comply is justified, in every instance.
"Michael Brown and Eric Garner should not be dead." Probably not, if they had not resisted lawful arrests, but they were both the author of their own fate. No officer involved in either case did anything illegal or improper. Let's put the blame here where it belongs Cortney, quit singing 'off tune' with the choir. "They should certainly be remembered." Very true: As examples of how not to behave when apprehended, ever!
Oh Ann, you wag you. Thanks for my laugh of the day.
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