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"It appears Ms. Burton recognizes that people can be trapped into a life of dependency if the welfare system is too generous." An absolute false narrative. They are, however, enticed into a life of dependency. Paying for votes is illegal, unless you figure out a way to 'legitimately' launder those payments. i.e., ADC food stamps & income tax refunds to unemployed filers..
Pea brained idiots. Holder's been a pro bono defense attorney since taking office. He should be charged with theft in office or required to return all of his salary to date. Not one days work has he performed doing the job he was appointed to do.
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I Kissed Fox Goodbye

Bulwark Wrote: Dec 07, 2014 6:14 PM
And the spreading of famine on the African continent.
Government agencies have no business protecting any private business from any other form of competition. Most state licensing systems are really turf protecting schemes introduced by guilds. Government choosing who's business will succeed * who's wont is a corrupt exercise of power in my opinion. If hotels suffer from competition by AirBnB perhaps they are gouging guests and should reappraise their price structure. While their at it they could eliminate some of the sneaky fees they try and slip into guests charges. In San Francisco, taxis are not radio dispatched, if you call one for a pickup you can't count on them to arrive, or arrive on time. Uber, on the other hand, is quick, you know what you're going to pay, they take the fastest route and you get an immediate receipt via SMS msg to your phone. No cash changes hands, your tip % has been preselected by yourself as a default, which can be modified as you see fit in your account settings. I absolutely LOVE the Uber service. They are always there, and always respond rapidly. Neat, clean & polite.
You've said a mouthful there. I believe that for every law a government entity wants to enact, that they should be mandated to select a current law to rescind. Legislators feel that they must continually enact new laws, administrations feel the same way about regulations. There is never an end in sight. At what point are we legislated out of existence or taxed into indentured servitude. There needs to be a cap on government's ability to keep piling it on. Exemptions specifically for politicians & their minions should be outlawed also.
The only issues here are was it a lawful arrest, did Garner resist arrest, did they use more force than necessary to overcome his resistance? When he claimed he could not breath all he had to do was relax and go along with the program. Most people resisting arrest always scream your hurting me, I can breathe, you've injured me, but they never relax and cease resisting. Officers can also always anticipate a trip to the emergency room to verify the subject is not injured--as they always claim they've been injured> The ER exam is always at the tax payers expense. I do not believe that they used excessive force, I believe he used excessive resistance. I'd suggest Garners obesity contributed to his susceptibility to adverse affects of the affray. This gents unlawful resistance was the proximate cause of his death.
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GOP Aide's Controversial Facebook Post

Bulwark Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 12:16 PM
Looks to me like they were dressed as typical teenagers. I despise Obama, but why pick on his children?
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What Racially Biased Policing Looks Like

Bulwark Wrote: Nov 27, 2014 12:58 PM
Mr. Chapman's remarks do have some merit, however he apparently feels that pro-active policing is counterproductive and that the police should only be reactive. I suggest that officers who engage in the stops in question should conduct themselves in the most polite, professional & respectful manner possible, in fact it should be mandatory, until they actually uncover evidence which supports their primary suspicions. I'll take that a step further and suggest that stumbling across misdemeanors during such searches should invoke discretion on the officers part. If he's looking for felonies, and doesn't find what he suspected, i.e., drug trafficking or auto theft, give the motorist an oral warning and send him on his way. Build a little goodwill. Trashing someones vehicle during an investigatory stop is rude & contemptuous. If evidence cannot be uncovered in a more or less plain view search, call a drug dog. No drug dog available, release the motorist. BTW, the Supreme Court has ruled that officers conducting investigatory stops base on mere suspicion must release a motors after twenty minutes. So if you, as a motorist, are stopped, note the time, be polite, and when that time elapses, ask the officer if you are free to go. If he says no he's probably just tainted anything uncovered after that and further you have grounds for redress. The author is suggesting that police ignore common indicators and go about with their heads in the sand unless someone summons them. He needs to man up, and realize that we do not live in Wonderland. There is a big difference between discrimination & unlawful discrimination, and what is commonly stereotyped as "Racial profiling" is really just Profiling, an investigatory metric which is based on common sense and empirical knowledge.
Lighten up folks. Some people live and thrive on their own outrage. Everything is an outrage to them. It's, IMHO, a form of mental illness. They burnt our White House, we kicked them out of the country. Do they go ballistic when we celebrate the 4th of July? No. Go do something constructive, stop the childish urge to be outraged and fined offense in every little thing. The Brit's are one of the best allies the U.S. has in the entire world.
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PHOTOS: Israeli Defense Forces Soldiers

Bulwark Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 12:54 PM
Good Lord, you've just given the EPA night-sweats. They would never permit irrigation in our pristine deserts. That habitat must be preserved for the next owners. The EPA are not anti-semites though, they hate all humans equally--except progressives.
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