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You're right in a number of ways except one, as a former union member ostracized by my brothers (former) my experience is that all of those "good union workers" still take the money, share their cut with the UAW and never have the balls to force the changes that they agree need to be made!
Aaaaa, the prescription drug benefit?
Never a good result. Sympathize with the sentiment but come on! I still haven't gotten over my beloved NRA support. Whittington Center probably. But they supported him for re-election even after obamcare
yep... Bush's fault... nothin' to see here... keep movin' along...
Ok you win, you and he can have 'em, pardon if I give them up bullets first! Gitmo? really? You're under the mistaken impression any one gets out of this life alive. If you're not willing to fight for moral absolutes, you deserve Gitmo!
Sorry libs, alot of us remember '92 through '02. You think any gun law now you can come up with (including total confiscation) will get you any guns, yer smokin' too much dope!
I think they're more scared of non-dues payers because it's just an extension of their membership's something for nothing mindset. Just be another bennie for them. No-pay representation.
Becoming a Democrat "officially" was the only step left to him. He'd already made the change in every other way!!!
Too late for my Michigan job!
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Friday Fun: Israel vs The World

bullseye1911 Wrote: Nov 16, 2012 7:14 PM
Bravo!!! But not too many are listening anymore.
Worst part is: The NRA bears no little responsibility for Reid's re-election. And I strongly support the NRA. Still pisses me off!
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