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And when you see the video and hear the truth about what happened at Waco that day it becomes apparent that Reno ought to have been put in prison for the deaths of innocent citizens including women and children. What was the big danger with them being at the Branch Davidians? Were they better off being killed by Reno? I think not.
What do you think he is, some 16 year old loser who got herself knocked up and deserves all our sympathy? That is where our leaders' support lies.
This guy is going to be their worst nightmare. Now he has nothing at all to fear and can really open up about what he's seen and what he knows. Smart move, ATF.
Now THAT to me is deeply, nausea-inducingly offensive. I cannot WAIT for this next election.
Exactly. That principal has just done her best to do her part of the larger overall plan - which is to break down the United States into nothing but a money-laundering system that buys votes to get people elected to take more of others' money. Obama and the left want us to refer to international law; to not enforce our borders or immigration laws; to put our soldiers under UN control. When will the UN send 'forces' in to our country to monitor or investigate something, and will our constitutional rights of self defense then be removed because the UN trumps the USA within our own country.
At what age is it too early to make kids begin to appreciate that they live in a (still somewhat) free country? Apparently kindergarten or first grade are not too early to begin teaching them that some men put their part "P" in another man's part "A". Kindergarten 'graduations' are for the parents but also for the kids who are shown that there is recognition for achievement. At that age, completing an entire year of even simple schooling is an achievement. There is no reason those kids could not and should not have sung the song. That principal out to be making up cardboard boxes in a factory someplace where she cannot harm our kids.
In this lousy economy, parochial schools - which educate kids better in all subjects, for far less money - are being driven out of existence. People can't afford to pay any sort of tuition for their kids' education after spending $75 to fill the gas tank and buying groceries which have nearly doubled in price. There is a Catholic school in my own town which just closed after 153 years in operation and much of the blame has to be on this lousy Obama economy which he described as "doing just fine" on Friday.
I believe the Fed dept of Education should be gone - but we also need vouchers to help operate non-union private schools a) where kids can escape bad public schools and b) to keep union teachers from having a monopoly.
You find it offensive that a song describes a group of soldiers sustaining a prolonged attack to help bring this country into existence? You make me nauseous.
As an American SHE offends me so I think she should be removed from anyone's sight or hearing. This is the kind of educational system we have bought and paid for with our taxes?
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