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I lived in Vermont for a dozen years before fleeing back to the Midwest in '97. And I worked in that town of Winooski for seven of those twelve years. This story does not surprise me one bit. You have never seen a state more obsessively compulsively PC than Vermont. One young 'man' wanted to wear a dress and high heels to school because he was gay (what does that have to do with being gay?) and people wrote to the paper that 'we should be celebrating this person'. Seriously.
What a load of baloney. I have never heard the level of vile hatred, name-calling, and character assassination from the right as I hear seven days a week from the 'compassionate' and 'enlightened' Left.
What if gay people offend me because what they do is contrary to my opinion and belief? May I request and expect that they remove themselves from public view? Personally, I feel that this nation is becoming totally INtolerant of many good things - the military, heterosexual marriage and families for example - and not only tolerant but supportive of things that are not worthy.
A state has the right to implement its own healthcare plan. The Federal government does not. And if it is called "legal" by Justice Robers because it's a tax, not a mandate to purchase, how is it legal since all revenue bills must originate in the House and Obamacare did not. You must have a rubber spine the way you lefties bend over backward for Obama.
The Left's stories about employees 'cowering in fear in the coolers' are pathetic. I've read so many more stories about employees found lying in their own blood, dead in the coolers. When that happens, where will these Leftist hand-wringers be? Maybe they should attend the funerals.
Before I watched the ad video I would have been inclined to side with the people below who imply she's a hypocrite. After watching it, I think she's got a lot more integrity than most politicians who would be running against her.
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