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Keep up the good work, Ms. Wright. We Republicans, who are also women have continue to expose the hypocracy of the so-called tolerant Democrat, left-leaning, inclusive, "for the littel people" folks. The more they are exposed, the better off we all are. Thank you for your work!
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Elizabeth Warren Is Not a Dumb Blonde

bulldog83 Wrote: May 29, 2012 8:32 AM
Duhhhhhh......had she baen a Republican, worse yet and Conservative or GASP...a Tea Party candidate, just how long do you think it would have taken the MSM to run her out of town on a rail? So, someone who promoted a bald-faced lie about herself to get a promotion that should never have been given to her, is still permitted to run for a Senate seat. And we wonder why our country is going to h%$ll
Is this really shocking news? Obamacare will be rife with panels such this one. Unelected, unconnected "experts" as our esteemed President favors saying, will make our decisions for us. WHen we run out of people to make our decisions for us, Obamacare will mandate that computers be used to make the decisions. Kathleen Sebelius will be our Empress, whatever she decrees will be what we have to do. Go ahead, America, elect him again. He hasn't done enough damage yet, let's see what more he can do.
Mayor Booker spoke the truth. Name any politician off the top of your head who will choose to speak the truth first. He unfortunately had to play the damaging political game and make that "hostage video". I have had much respect for him for quite some time. Would have been quite interesting and history-changing if our first black president had been someone like him instead of some who has never lived one minute of his life as an American. Mayor Booker is a true American.
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Blacks and Same Sex Marriage

bulldog83 Wrote: May 21, 2012 8:41 AM
Teflon-Obam's epiphany will not make any difference at all to "black Americans." Nothing anyone says, does, commits or perpetrates will change the "black vote." It has been cemented into history that Democrat = "for the little people,the oppressed" Republican = racist, sexist, homophobic, zenophobic, islamophobic, anyone but white phobic and nothing will ever change that. It will only get worse.
The taxpayers have no recourse against public employee unions and teacher unions. The taxpayers must pay and pay and pay and then shut up. Until the taxpayer has an advocate, a big money generating machine to push back, we the taxpayer will continue to get scr#$@ed and can do absolutely nothing about it. Ohio voters capitulated to the unions and stupidity prevailed. Watch out, Wisconsin, don't be stupid like Ohio.
Thank you Mattie, couldn't have said it better. We all understand what really is going on here. Nothing new from the drive-bys. Won't sell any more copies of their rag.
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Conservatives and Gays

bulldog83 Wrote: May 10, 2012 8:28 AM
When I see you as a contributor to the websites I read, I click on your article so fast my keyboard smokes and I am never disappointed! Excellent writing and always intellectually clear. As always, you are the main reason I am proud to be a conservative!
She will make a perfect additon to the Senate. Obfuscating, denying, lying, hiding and outright balls-i-ness are the exact attributes one needs to be a Harry Reid sycophant. Scott Brown did what he could but the people of Massachusetts bleed blue Demococrat blood and even a lying, cheating system-gamer is a better choice for them than a Republican who at least tried to be fair. Intellectual honest be gone!
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The Old Rubber Cross

bulldog83 Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 8:53 AM
This troll is all over every TH story today. Similar incomprehensible rant on Thomas Sowell's story. Gosh, maybe we Conservatives should do genuine and concrete and issue a law or decision which is metaphysical and battle with the Christian fundamentalists in the mid- 1990's because Little honor exist within the American Conservatives. You must have taken a professor Cornell West ivy league class.
Whew, Romney's people better buck up and be prepared. If a company run by a sucessful, reliable Lefty like Jobs can be excoriated by the Drive-bys, they are going to climb right up Romney's rear end to pull out crap about him. Geez, all Jobs did was give Teflon Obam some sage business advice and tell him to pull back on the redistribute wealth meme. All Teflon had to do is listen to him. I guess that any dissent is a sin in the religion of Leftism. Let's go Mitt, put on your big boy pants!
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