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Can The States Withstand Big Labor’s Attacks?

bulldog83 Wrote: May 20, 2012 10:12 AM
The taxpayers have no recourse against public employee unions and teacher unions. The taxpayers must pay and pay and pay and then shut up. Until the taxpayer has an advocate, a big money generating machine to push back, we the taxpayer will continue to get scr#$@ed and can do absolutely nothing about it. Ohio voters capitulated to the unions and stupidity prevailed. Watch out, Wisconsin, don't be stupid like Ohio.

Some courageous American leaders are trying to prevent another California budget disaster.

But if Big Labor gets its way, the preventative measures will be abandoned.

So numerous are the examples of true statesmanship outside of Washington, that I can’t name all the individuals involved. But here are three state-wide elected leaders you should know about, whose efforts to save their states – and our nation – are absolutely not going unpunished.

The most high-profile among them is Scott Walker, the Republican Governor of Wisconsin. After taking office in January of 2011, Governor Walker proposed the “Wisconsin Budget Repair...