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Right up there with John "I'm here ta get me a fishin' license" (or was it huntin' license?) Kerry.
Oh yeah, the one who curled up into a fetal position during Katrina and then blamed George Bush for everything.
Then maybe she could get a job hawking Jello shots on Bourbon street.
What a great campaign strategy! Maybe the next person who runs for Prime Minister of Germany should tell the voters that if they don't vote for him or her, they're a bunch of Nazis.
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Attack Of The Mutants

Bulldog74 Wrote: Nov 30, 2014 6:47 AM
Flagged. Does anyone really think that anyone on this site is going to go to these links? More likely, it's progessive trolls hoping that we'll get so fed up with the site that we won't bother reading or posting anymore.
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Giving Thanks For The Atom Bomb

Bulldog74 Wrote: Nov 29, 2014 7:46 AM
As strange as it seems, Japan should be thankful for the quick end to the war that the atom bombs brought about. The U.S. would have ultimately prevailed, but at a horrific cost in American lives and the virtual extermination of the Japanese people -- look at what happened on Saipan, where Japanese mothers grabbed their young children and jumped off cliffs to their deaths rather than surrender to the advancing Americans. Admiral Halsey's prediction -- that by the time the war was over, the only place in which the Japanese language would be heard was Hell -- could very well have come true.
I worked as a Teaching Assistant when I was getting a Masters Degree at a large East Coast university, and it soon became clear that liberal arts professors are among the worst tin horn petty tyrants in existence; with few exceptions, they were guided by the principle "This is my class and what I say goes, period."
I know it's still early, but I can't wait for the first troll to step up to the plate and try to defend Obama.
And get rid of the Mark Zuckerberg ads while you're at it
But of course, Cindy Sheehan received non-stop media coverage after her son was killed in Iraq. Not to miinimize her loss, but it does seem like another example of the old double standard.
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