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American Sniper Sets Another Record

Bulldog332 Wrote: Feb 02, 2015 8:00 AM
I wonder what conversation those three are having now. MOLON LABE! De Oppresso Liber
Lunatic Lois, As usual, you fail to grasp the big picture and your drivel is irrelevant to the issue. Your drivel is nothing more than lunatic spittle; of course, of the leftist and moronic variety. The truth is your idol, OBOZO, is coming unhinged over Netanyahu's visit. Now go jump off a cliff and stop stealing our oxygen. MOLON LABE! De Oppresso Liber
I saw the movie this past Sunday and I also noticed the crowd was mostly silent as they left. My sister-in-law also saw it and observed the silence of the crowd after the movie had concluded. I would also noticed many moist eyes in the crowd. Mine included. MOLON LABE! De Oppresso Liber
Lois, I see you must be off your meds. The tripe you spew here clearly reveals your disturbed mind. By the way, you better hope you're never in a situation with a deranged terrorist like the ones you are defending. If you are, I hope no one comes to your rescue. That way you can experience first-hand the consequences of the stupidity you spew and the stupid decisions your idol makes. I'd let you rot before I put another good human being in harm's way to rescue an oxygen thief like you. MOLON LABE! De Oppresso Liber
The White House has also repeatedly argued Al Qaeda is "on the run" and that it's core leaders have been "decimated." Perhaps the above quote from the article sheds light as to why Obama "traded" five high ranking and hardcore Al Qaeda terrorist for one American deserter. I guess Obama fel the needed to replenish Al Qaeda's leadership ranks. Let's not forget that Obama admits in his ghost written book, "Dreams from my Father," that "when the political winds shift, he'll stand with the Muslims." Enough said! MOLON LABE De Oppresso Liber
I see Castro's agents are already at work attempting to undermine Mr. Fontova.
"Her victory puts the Republican majority in the House of Representatives at 247 to 118, a gain of 13 seats." This is incorrect. There are 435 seats in the House and the breakdown is now 247 Republican and 188 Democrat. MOLON LABE! De Oppresso Liber
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Wise Warren and Crazy Cruz

Bulldog332 Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 12:26 PM
Oh, Yes! "ABNRML UNIT" is precisely that stupid. And most likely on the lefitist payroll after writing that drivel. MOLON LABE! De Oppresso Liber
Nice words, Carlos. MOLON LABE! De Oppresso Liber
Simply put, this is the implementation of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. MOLON LABE! De Oppresso Liber
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