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MSNBC: Damn These Conservatives for Trying to "Kill the Post Office"

BuggiOlleo Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 7:06 AM
Why ever "W' and the 2000 Congress built Post Offices all over the country, to this day, amazes me. The writing was on the wall from the first brick; stimulate the economy with Federal dollars. Now, due to Crony deals in the cigar rooms, the post office cannot close offices unused, but, at least they are new. I forsee Health Exchanges in the Near Future doubling as the Post efficient--not.

There's a dastardly conspiracy afoot to shut down the United States Postal Service, Lefty screamer Ed Schultz has informed his MSNBC audience.  The culprits?  Republicans, match.  The USPS recently announced its decision to end Saturday mail service, an attempt to stanch its years-long budget bleeding; the federal entity lost $16 billion in 2012.  Though this move is only projected to save the Post Office roughly $2 billion annually, it's still an important nod to reality.  I discussed this issue on CNBC last night, where even the liberal panelist seemed to agree that major reductions are in order and...